I was just about to put another load of laundry in the washing machine when I felt compelled to go back to my desk, sit down and pick up the camera.

In doing so, I caught a female juvenile Superb Fairy-wren at the bird bath having a drink.

The is a first folks! 😀

I’ve never seen a Fairy-wren use the bird bath before (and as you now know, I do nothing all day but look out the window from my Room With a View LOL 😀 ).

When I downloaded it, I found a shot from yesterday of the baby boy and with a tape measure in hand, measured the pot so you could get a sense of how tiny these juveniles are. The plastic terracotta pot measured 6 1/4″ from base to rim, so now………you can appreciate their size and the full pot is not completely shown in the frame (below) either.

Is there a Bird Angel watching over me?

(I also noticed that the holes in the new bird dish, where the chains hook, are much lower in this one and with the gusty wind swinging it to and fro, the water is emptying much quicker than the old bird bath.  Perhaps it’s meant to be a seed bowl, not a water bowl).

13 thoughts on “SIZE MATTERS……

    1. Not sure, KD 🙂 I should have read the info on the box before I sent the empty container down to the recycling bin.

      Next time I go to the Hardware store, I’ll have a second look.


    1. Ditto, Peggy.
      Now you can get a sense of what a thrill it is to see the juveniles (or babies), and especially to capture them in a photo. I never could get closer than about 17-20 feet when I used to see them on the gravel path going down to the river. I’m improving at getter closer to the ones on the footpath (as I wait for the taxi). It’s a real skill capturing them with a heavy long lens.

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    1. Thanks Candice.

      As I said to Peggy, I’m really improving at getting them in focus – gosh, those wrens move fast. Of course, many of the shots are through dusty glass windows, but sometimes the sun shines at just the right angle and it doesn’t matter too much.

      (I’m getting pretty good at washing the windows too LOL 😀 ).

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    1. Thanks Tanja. These wrens are such a joy to see. I’ve become very attached to their presence, especially now I’m home so much. Dare I say (for the umpteenth time), how lucky I am to have found this apartment in this area.

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