BIRD OF PARADISE (Strelitzia retinae)

I had walked to and from the local medical centre yesterday.

(is it really 1.25am Tuesday morning and I’m still awake 🙂 ).

It only took me 40 minutes to make the 10 minute journey as I had to keep stopping to photograph the gorgeous flowers along the way.  The Cherry blossoms in the tiny park near the local supermarket were the main objective in walking with a painful hip and knee, but the fresh air was so invigorating and the pain slowly receded as I discovered each new Spring bloom.

Despite feeling a little unwell, I decided to walk home again and this short journey took me an hour.  LOL  😀  How can anyone make such a short walk into such a lengthy journey?

Only a photographer of course, although I must admit when I was standing at the highest point of the river valley below me, looking at the city of Melbourne’s office and apartment towers in the far distance, it really was an interesting landscape.

There were many Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia retinae) in front of an apartment block but most were dead or dying, so it took me a while to find a flower worth photographing.  Then with a busy background I stepped back and forth trying to find a neutral background – in the end, a concrete column.

Stelitzia flowers are at their best when just opened and looking very fresh and colourful – the one above was just starting to brown off and wilt.

5 thoughts on “BIRD OF PARADISE (Strelitzia retinae)

    1. There’s really so much see when you look at the small details isn’t there, Peggy. Cars may be great for getting you from A to B, especially in Australia, but a walk (and the time) is really the only way to truly see your immediate environment. I rarely take the main road anywhere unless in a taxi or the tram.

      The bus route is far more interesting, so saying, it’s a perfect Spring day today and it’s a toss-up whether to go for a bus ride somewhere or get that potting soil & tomato plants.

      I’m like a kid in a lolly shop when I go to the local Bunnings Hardware/Plant Nursery. I could have got it yesterday when I was out, but for some weird reason my pain had almost disappeared on the walk home and it was too good an opportunity to miss for a walk in the late afternoon sunshine. Next time I’ll take my gloves though. My hands were frozen.

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    1. Great minds think alike. To be honest, I’ve walked so much over the last 25 years, it usually takes a camera in my hand to actually get me out the door living in suburbia as I do (without a car). If I lived in your part of Montana, I wouldn’t need the camera to get me out the door, but it sure does help bring back the memories of the walk.

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