KALE – TUSCANO NERO (Brassica oleracea sp.)

2 thoughts on “KALE – TUSCANO NERO (Brassica oleracea sp.)

  1. While I can buy powdered kale in packets and kale ” juice”- I have yet to find it in its original form! I wonder why. I think it can be grown here. Maybe I’m not looking carefully. Lovely photo. Kale is so healthy!

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    1. I suspect with the high populations in the Japanese cities that it’s more viable to import and dry down to a powder, Connie. I actually get enough off one Kale plant to take off one outer leaf at a time, chop with my baby spinach, plenty of parsley and make a decent omelette. The one kale plant can last me many months.

      I wonder if you could grow one at Little House? Doesn’t take long for a young plant to grow, although I’ve never grown it from seed (like my brother does on his 10 acre ‘hobby farm’). He grows a lot of heirloom varieties of vegetables from seed in small trays on a sunny windowsill in his large country style laundry.

      I doubt you could get enough from one plant for a full dinner serving for you and your husband, but one long leaf finely chopped could be used with other leafy vegetables like I do.


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