Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Reinhold Niebuhr

Is it only a year ago, I was still doing long nature walks and outdoor photography?

Life is impermanent and the most important thing is to accept, adapt and move on with the next stage of one’s life when things change.

Images of the Pacific Black Duck (Anas superciliosa) made at the Maribyrnong Wetlands  pond.

12 thoughts on “THIS TIME LAST YEAR

  1. I admire your courage and strength to adapt to your condition. I am still struggling to adapt maybe because I miss what I was doing so much.
    Hopefully I plan to sort out and tidy up my bonsi’s this winter and do a blog on them.

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    1. I really feel for you Dick, knowing how hard it is to adapt. Interesting that you mention Bonsai – I looked at them in the plant nursery and wondered if that was a possibility, loving plants as I do. Let me know if you do start a blog on Bonsai. I miss being able to explore and go wherever I want and having to rely mostly on taxis now – they’re too expensive to use too often.

      At the moment, my bad to severe headaches seem to be reacting to the computer, but staying off the computer means no interaction with others. Joining a club or something is too taxing on my cognitive function and memory. I lose track of conversations quickly and had that embarrassment in the last 12 months of my working life. I am not used to talking and concentrating.

      I’ve been trying to think of some other hobby I can do at home, but other health issues complicate them, mainly my eyesight.


    1. I agree Peggy, but am now at a crossroads where I need to find something off the computer for a while. I can’t sit for long, so can’t even do a bus trip which I read about at the local library. I need to be able to stand, sit, walk, rest at my own pace. The computer has the advantage in that I don’t have to answer comments or emails until I feel energetic enough to do so.

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  2. You’re doing a marvellous job of adapting Vicki, and your photos go on providing enjoyment, hopefully as much to you as to your readers.

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    1. Unfortunately my increasing headaches and neck pain aren’t up to browsing on the computer so much these days, Jane. I’m wondering if the EMFs are affecting me as they did in 2009.


    1. Thanks Lonnie. No point complaining about what you can’t change and you never know what may appear through those things you dislike anyway 🙂
      That was a biggggg post on cacti & succulents you did the other day 🙂


    1. Thanks Terry. It’s actually the pain that is stopping me walking far (not actual inability to walk). Can’t sit for long, and I can’t stand in the one position for long either now. Sometimes I just stand at the window, or out on the balcony, but after a short while I’ve got to come indoors and sit down again for a while.
      Every time I convince myself it’s all in the mind and set off for a walk, the pain forces me home again within a very short time and I feel I’ve achieved nothing, but more inflammation and swelling (on my knee for example) that night and the next day. I tidied up the balcony yesterday between rain showers so I feel I accomplished something, but this morning I can hardly bend over, so now I’ve ruined today, by doing something yesterday.


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