Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Reinhold Niebuhr

Is it only a year ago, I was still doing long nature walks and outdoor photography?

Life is impermanent and the most important thing is to accept, adapt and move on with the next stage of one’s life when things change.

Images of the Pacific Black Duck (Anas superciliosa) made at the Maribyrnong Wetlands  pond.


No wonder I never get anything done around  my home. I’m too distracted by bird-watching.

Shame I had the sliding door closed again today.   Cold and rain are not welcome if the sliding door is open wide.

I can also see a white, (probably Cabbage Moth) Butterfly across the road so will have to be on guard duty in case it finds my lettuce and herb seedlings to lay its eggs.  I think that sighting of those fluttering white wings, which show up so well against the dark green of the hedge, is the first of this coming Spring season.

I was attempting to catch up on my blog reading and lo & behold, a little Superb Fairy-Wren popped into the corner of my eye gaze again (as it did yesterday).

Bird photography on my balcony takes precedence over Blog Reading so I’m getting further and further behind, so if you haven’t seen me around your blog lately, bird watching is my excuse.

Since it was raining all morning, I hadn’t remembered to get the cameras out of their soft storage bags.  The Sony ‘mirrorless’ was the closest on this occasion, so I slowly leaned down to the floor and pulled it out, slipping the lens cap off at the same time.  To be honest, I take better bird photos with my Canon DSLR (despite the Sony’s 11 f.p.s) as I can keep it against my eye and change the focal points, ISO etc without moving.  I’ve never been able to do this with the smaller Sony.

THE SUPERB FAIRY-WREN JUMPED DOWN TO THE BALCONY TILES AND THEN WENT UP TO INSPECT THE HAIR-CUT I GAVE MY BLUE BACOPA PLANT THE OTHER DAY. ALL I COULD HEAR THE BIRD SAY IS “you missed a few bits – its crooked”. ALL I COULD REPLY WAS “if you think my pruning is so crooked – do it yourself.”  I must move that blue-covered book which is reflecting on the door too.

As usual, I dare not waste time checking the camera settings, just aimed and chased the tiny wren around the new seedling trays.  Next minute it jumped down onto the balcony tiles and disappeared, only to pop up again right in front of me.


‘Right in front of me’ means the pot of white Alyssum and Kale about 3 foot in front of my computer screen.  Couldn’t stretch up enough to photograph the wren without the top of the Mac laptop blurring the bottom of the frame though.  At least I had the Sony in my hand with the shorter telephoto lens.  The 150-500mm DSLR lens would have been far too long.

Maybe next time.

What does help is that the windows are still dirty, so the bird can’t see me.

Then it flew up to the balcony fence to see if there was a pathway through the parsley.

The left hand side of the tray is English Parsley and the right side Italian flat-leaf Parsley.  The little pathway is actually between the 2 plants.

The sparrows often do this.  Not sure why.  Do they think the Osmocote fertiliser pellets are seeds?

The long bookcase and armchair have now been removed from this corner of my lounge room permanently, so I need to place the tall Rosemary bush in the left rear space where the black plastic cover is over my soil/compost mixing tub at the current time.

When I clean the windows inside and out, garden and bird viewing will be easier.  Unfortunately, most of my polarizing filters which erase ‘reflections’ don’t fit my current lenses (only the old lenses – now sold).  I used these old filters mainly down the beach to photograph seaweed and other things in rock pools, or at low tide.

Actually, I just remembered that I might have a polarizing filter for my 150-500mm lens, I’d better go and check now before I forget.  (my short-term memory is getting worse and worse in recent months).

I bought a new larger brown door mat to provide better shoe-wiping too.  It’s not always convenient to slip shoes on and off when your hands are full, stepping in and out from balcony to pale lounge carpet etc.