Winter hasn’t let go of its grip in Melbourne yet.

I’m cold sitting at my desk eating breakfast this morning, but at least my yummy, summery breakfast food cheers me up and reminds me of the warmer weather that is not too far away.


Yesterday morning, when I was still tucked up in my bed, the temperature (apparently) dropped to -2 degrees C.

The lowest recorded temperature in Melbourne was -2.8 degrees C on the 21st July, 1869, so going into negative figures yesterday was an indication that snow must still be on the slopes in the alpine regions.  It’s very rare to get that cold, even on a frosty Winter morning.

It was still cold  when I went out to the local Hardware/Plant Nursery mid afternoon, but the chill was more in my heart when I got out of the taxi on the return journey and saw an empty Japanese Maple standing outside the front door of my apartment building.

Remember that nest I posted about a few weeks ago – photos below in case you’ve forgotten.  I had high hopes for that nest and I only saw it a few days ago.  I really did think it was secured quite firmly in the fork of the young tree.




But the limbs, with their tiny early Spring buds, were completely bare yesterday.  I’m wondering if there were some human handiwork afoot.

Actually, not completely bare.  There was one 1″ new reddish coloured leaf at the very top of the tree, but I didn’t have a camera with me.

Talking of cameras, while I was waiting for the taxi driver to pick me up to go out, I was standing perfectly still (as I am in the habit of doing outdoors), and at least 5, maybe 6, tiny Superb Fairy-wrens hopped around the footpath and roadway very close to where I was standing.  One even hopped to about 5 feet away and I debated whether to go back upstairs and get a camera.

…………maybe another day when it’s really warm and sunny again (I thought).

really and truly thought we’d have some young ones in the neighbourhood soon, but the missing nest dashed my hopes yet again.  Same thing happened in the Japanese Maple directly in front of my balcony last year.

I am hearing lots of tweeting and cheeping from the young Eucalyptus sapling in front of the right hand side of my balcony, so I’ll keep my hopes up for a bird nest possibility in that tree instead.

Late last night I got the new bird bath out of its box and opened the sliding door, letting in the chilly night air, and affixed the bright blue ceramic dish to the fence and filled it with  fresh water in the hope of hearing some avian visitors nice and early this morning.  I decided to stay with the bright blue ceramic as its familiar to the avian visitors (and was really cheap compared to some other bird baths 🙂 ).  I had thought about a change of Bird Bath size and colour at one stage last week.

Nothing happening so far…….. and its after midday.

I also bought a new indoor plant for the kitchen table in the hope there would be enough light filtering to the back of the room behind my desk.

Bit dark this morning, so I picked it up and brought it down on the floor next to the Photography books for some light from the sliding door.  Next sunny day when the blinds are higher and the wall heater is off, I’m hoping it will brighten up the kitchen/dining table.

The other young seedlings are doing fine now I’ve put them outdoors, but I notice some of the Perennial Basil leaves (showing in the top right hand corner of the image (below) are blackened on the leaf edges.

A bit of Frostbite methinks?

Just started to rain, so I’ll end my nature diary here and get on with the household chores.

Looks like just another rainy day from my Room With a View.

PS. I almost forgot.  I noticed some new young yellow leaves on the Eucalyptus sapling the other day.  This image, (made from my desk chair), will soon show pretty young blossoms I hope.  There were none last Spring, but there were plenty the first Spring after I moved to this area.

PPS.  Talking of moving, these images (below) made at the end of August 2016 and show what I would be looking at if I still lived on the north-eastern side of Melbourne in Spring.

Just a little reminder of times past……..


Doesn’t matter if you’re stuck indoors, or outdoors in the fresh air.