A couple of weeks ago, I pulled all my balcony potted plants away from the waist-high security fence and washed the glass inside (and out).  I’d never washed those spots before.

I was amazed at how clearly I could see the Japanese Maple branches from my desk chair in the lounge.  Despite the 2 layers of glass, if it’s clean and you are a good photographer (or can tweak your image a wee bit like I do), there’s still a chance of obtaining a good image through glass.

I re-edited the contrast in this 1st January 2018 image (below), shot between 2 dirty layers of dusty glass, to remind followers of the amazing sight of a (Mother?) House Sparrow feeding her very large offspring.   It was in very deep shade, with a few over-exposed bits.

Here’s hoping I get another opportunity this coming Spring/Summer.

I intend having a CLEAR shot (if the opportunity arises again).


    1. Thanks Peggy.
      I’m optimistic. But I’m a realist (with the New Development over the other side of the road which might cause some noise for 12-18 months).
      Haven’t seen or heard any action (or excavator) for 3-4 weeks (?). They must be working on another site, or maybe it’s a bit too wet to continue excavating the side of the cliff? Whatever the case, I’m enjoying the peace and quiet.

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  1. Vicki, for so many years now you have been a wonderful friend to me despite the fact that we have (so far!) never met. I just want to thank you from the bottom and top and middle of my heart for all of your wonderful posts, photos and fantastic comments. I think you are an amazing person and blogger and you are a hero to me in terms of how you deal with illness and just life itself. You are always so positive; you are a great example to me! Much love – Julie

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    1. Thank you Julie (and you of course, have been a wonderful friend, especially in my low hours when health issues were getting me down).

      I think you also are amazing. I don’t think I could have been so accepting in your situation with A’s decline in health and passing.

      Life is not easy for many of us. We all have a story to tell and while they may be very different circumstances, each highlight or tragedy affects us all in different ways.

      Remember to be kind to yourself – self-love is just as important as that which we receive from others. Grief and the passing of your beloved is an ongoing process.

      I think we’ve been blogging friends for something like 9 years or so now, ‘Jules’ – seems like a lifetime in that so much has happened. Much love….Vicki x

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    1. Me too, Terry.

      I was looking for that shot of a Blackbird feeding its offspring over at Pipemakers Park recently, but can’t find it – I must have deleted it. But my 2 photos libraries are such a mess anyway.

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  2. Such a delightful photo. You’ve almost inspired me to wash my window, too — except that I’d have to begin by taking off the screen, and finding a place to put it, and ….and… Maybe once the weather cools I’ll actually do it.

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    1. I think I’ve got 3-4 shots of that sighting, but it took a bit of fiddling with the contrast and mid-tones in post processing to bring the 2 birds into better view.

      And yes, I REALLY think you should wash your windows, Linda 😀 Actually, I took my screens off my windows and vacuumed them when I lived next to the Botanic Gardens. Couldn’t believe how dirty they were.

      I have the (misfortune) of not having fly-wire screens in this apartment due to the louvred windows. I was really cursing the mosquito and spider bites in my bedroom last summer. In the end, I had to keep the bedroom window closed every night……so stuffy. I’ve still got the scars from those bites too. The pests love fair-haired me.


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