Looks like growing Pak Choy (Brassica rapa) indoors was a mistake.

Too hot (with the heating on this last month of Winter).  My little plants have bolted and gone to seed.  I’ve just put them outside this morning, but the wind is blowing a gale today, so I hope their fragile little stems don’t break.

Since I’ve never grown Pak Choy before, only it’s smaller cousin Bok Choy, I’m wondering if I allow it to grow further, whether I can still eat it in a stir-fry?  I suppose so.

The image below shows what my mixed Asian Greens did in my previous apartment balcony which had no direct sun, but lots of light (and shelter).  Asian greens love company and it seems planting them very close together was a wise choice.  I only harvested outer leaves as they grew, and in general, each plant lasted about 3 months.

Asian greens which lasted months as I only picked the outer leaves

In the meantime, the other herbs & leafy greens are doing just fine, not great, just fine.  I think they’ll have to go outdoors as soon as the frosty mornings have disappeared.

I washed the windows yesterday and even made an effort to wash both sides of the balcony glass fence so I can photograph any birds that land on the budding Japanese Maple (growing between my balcony and the footpath).

Now of course, its sure to rain.  It always rains when you wash the outside of the windows (or a car).

The outdoor plants are all exhibiting new growth, especially the ones eaten by the Harlequin Bugs and Caterpillars last summer.  Regular readers may remember I cut most of those down to 1-2″ stubble.

The only herb not starting to grow new leaves is the Sage.  Since I need 2 large empty pots for this Summer’s tomato crop, the Sage might be the one to ditch.

I usually forget to feed my plants, so in general, if I want to re-use any pots, they get a good  scrub and then fresh potting soil.

I can’t say my indoor culinary garden is the best I’ve ever had, but at least it’s better than buying bunches of herbs from the supermarket and throwing half the bunch out when I don’t use it all.  I’m pretty sure I’ll end up putting all the new indoor garden outdoors soon.

The wall heater is just that bit too hot for it.

As a single householder, best to grow a few plants and just harvest what I need for each meal.  I’m not sure that I actually save much money by growing herbs and leafy greens, but at least what I harvest is fresh and pleasing to look at in my balcony garden while it grows.

I knocked the bird bath off its hanging chains yesterday and the ceramic shattered on the concrete tiled balcony floor, so I’m off to buy a new bird bath in the coming days.  I miss that splash of bright blue ceramic among the greenery and 2 House Sparrows sat on the balcony fence chirping in confusion this morning.  They seemed to be asking where their water supply had gone?

NEMESIA – looked a bit straggly to start and with the strong wind in the area, I wasn’t sure it was going to survive, but it’s growing quite well and covered in flowers.