The story of my frustrating and ongoing battle with Pain, U/S & MRI imaging & conflicting opinions between 4 GPs (primary care physicians) and neurosurgeon is driving me crazy this year.  (This is my positive view on the matter – you should hear me curse and rant when it’s a perfect sunny winter day outside and I’m stuck indoors AGAIN)!

I can’t seem to improve enough to do the wonderful nature walks along the river, nature or conservation reserves and through the local parks and gardens, no matter which ‘expert’ I see or what exercises I do each morning.

I’m way behind with blogging and blog reading so I hope you’ll all excuse my absence of comments on some of your own blogs and/or replies to comments you’ve made on this blog of mine.  I’ve got about 3-4 sunsets shots to share on my other blog too.

So this is one long post to catch up a bit and set the scene between my apartment block and the nearby river (for new followers) on this late Winter day of sunshine.  It’s only taken me 4 days to upload it.  Perhaps I should just post one image with no commentary like I do in my Sunrise/Sunset Blog 😀

After the fall when I stepped on the uneven rocks and my leg gave way for the umpteenth time in recent months, I went back upstairs to get my Mother’s old walking stick and at least managed a short, slow walk and scored some new images to share.  I have 3 of my Mother’s old walking sticks and the one with 4 prongs which I ended up taking, was perfect on a short photography walk as I can stand it beside me while I take a photo.

Anyway, here’s a series of images from Wednesday’s short walk…..


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  1. I’m really fond of the shots at the pond. I’m especially fond of the one you took at the other side, looking into the sun. It’s just lovely. I like the shadow-selfie, too. For a couple of weeks or more I’ve been pondering this question: Does a shadow have a shadow? I suppose the scientists would say, “No!” immediately, but it’s still an interesting thought — a bit like a Japanese koan.

    Your apartment block looks really attractive, too. I didn’t quite have a sense of what it looked like, so I’m glad you added that photo.

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    1. Interesting question, Linda.
      One could also ask what is a shadow?

      A finger points at the moon, but the moon is not at the tip of the finger. Words point at the truth, but the truth is not in words.

      My apartment block is modern and only built 5 years ago and the space indoors very small, but just right for me. It’s the large balcony and outlook that is a bonus (in this day of most apartment blocks having tiny balconies and no real view).

      Hard to fit some furniture so I had to dispose of some more possessions when I moved in though.

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    1. Thanks Tanja.

      I hate staying indoors on a lovely day.

      (hopefully walking stick, pain patches permanently and I’ve got a referral for a cortisone injection in my hip this week, so we’ll see if that combination is helpful. I can walk with pain, but when my leg gives way, that’s more restrictive).

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    1. The fresh air was lovely outdoors, Peggy. Thanks for your kind wishes. These modern apartment blocks are so stuffy (to me). I don’t have an apartment above mine which is unusual, so can’t leave the windows and sliding door open on a rainy day.
      (I still think there’s a pinched right leg sciatic nerve, even though the MRI says its the left leg that is compromised).


    1. Thanks Terry.
      As you know, I hate staying indoors. I’m much better when I get some fresh air and some sort of distraction like photography. Photography doesn’t take the pain away, but it gives me something to focus on. Same with tidying up the balcony garden. Roll on Spring though. My balcony gets more sun when the sun is higher in the sky.

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  2. You may not realize it but you are really an inspiration to many. Despite your constant pain and difficulty you continue to focus on the positive. You write a wonderful blog ( blogs) and take amazing photos. You lead by example. I really admire that. I wanted to tell you that I’m really enjoying the Kitchen Table Wisdom book. I’ve share some of it with my daughter. If I need to fly to the Philippines I’ll bring it with me and give it to her. Thank for recommending that book to me.

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    1. Thanks Mrs N. – you’re welcome. Glad to hear you are enjoying the book I recommended. She’s an uplifting and inspiring writer – one that’s easy to read too. The stories are all true which helps.


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