MUTE SWAN (Cygnus olor)

This white swan is huge and distinctive and you can never miss it on the rare times you might see one in Australia.  It’s an introduced bird and now quite scarce, being only found in the wild in the vicinity of Perth in Western Australia.  Various people say they’ve seen them in public gardens, or lakes, in my state of Victoria, but I’ll bet they’ve been captured elsewhere and let free in the vicinity, not really a wild bird.

I photographed this lovely specimen swimming around the pond in The Japanese Garden at Melbourne Zoo and found it quite challenging to get some definition in those white feathers which appeared overexposed in the bright sunlight, so had to tweak the mid-tones back and forth in post processing (which I rarely do much of).

They’re normally silent, but do occasionally hiss or grunt – can’t say I’ve ever heard them utter a sound.




12 thoughts on “MUTE SWAN (Cygnus olor)

    1. I’ve only seen this one, Peggy. Pity it hasn’t got a mate, but maybe there is a second one at the Zoo and I just missed it both times I photographed the one in this post.


  1. South Carolina does have wild Swans, what I find really interesting is that every year about 300 Tundra Swans migrate to our marshes. From the artic all the way down to subtropics. A long trip. They spend a few months then head back north.


    1. Thanks Terry.
      This is one of the images which turned out really well. The other image of this swan in the shade is not bad either. Turned out much better than my Black Swan images.

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    1. I see Black Swans all the time, Jane. Even saw a dozen Black Swans down at the beach once which really surprised me.

      I’ve never seen a White one in the wild, so I guess it must be true that they’re rare nowadays.

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  2. Seeing a beautiful swan always reminds me of one of my childhood fairytales-The Ugly Duckling. Maybe you know it, but if you don’t, maybe you can find it at the library. It always made me cry, then made me smile through my tears.

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  3. Yes, I know the story The Ugly Duckling very well as I used to read it to ‘my children’ at bedtime in the many years I worked as a live-in children’s nanny in the U.K. and here in Australia. Despite being single and old(er), I’ve actually worked with 12 children from newborn to age 12, some with emotional and learning problems, so I’ve kind of been a ‘Mother’ many times over 😀


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