NOISY MINER (Manorina melanocephala)

Medium-sized, mid-greyish honeyeater with distinctive head pattern consisting of pale greyish face, and black crown extending down through eye to link with a slim black moustachial streak.

You can’t miss the distinctively rich yellow beak and legs, but if they’re sitting on/in the olive-greyish-green foliage of a Eucalyptus tree, they become almost invisible.  Luckily, I’ve been able to capture them out in the open as well as high up in trees.  I was so busy chasing one bird some distance away on the south side of the city with the camera up to my eye, that I almost missed the Miner that landed on a fire hydrant right in front of me in the image below.  I frantically had to zoom the telephoto lens back in without moving too much.

Their pale grey rump shows up distinctively in flight.

One day I hope they might land on my balcony as I’ve often seen them in the area between the back of my apartment block and the nearby Maribyrnong River.  The following images being the best I’ve shot so far (down near the walking/cycling path next to the river).

They like open forest and woodland, but are often seen in the public parks and gardens in almost any suburban area also.


9 thoughts on “NOISY MINER (Manorina melanocephala)

    1. Thanks Eliza. The Bell Minor (or Bellbird as we call them) also has a curiously expressive eye. I’ll post them next (if I remember LOL).

      I’m trying to do too many things online at the moment and have missed replying to many comments and also can’t remember who I said what to.

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  1. I like your photos Vicki, but I’m afraid I can’t muster any liking for these birds which fly around in gangs and see other birds off the property. They are the Bovver Boys of the bird world, in my opinion.

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  2. That sad look is something to do with their feather colouring around their eyes, Tanja. The Bell Miners have the same patch around their eyes and I think they also have that ‘look’


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