Around this time of Winter 6 years ago, I was down at the bayside beach suburb of St Kilda, (to the south of Melbourne city), and this day was the first, and only, afternoon in which I’ve ever seen the sea completely calm at low tide.  The light was dull, but looking straight into the sun gave the illusion that it was dusk and the sun was setting.  Occasionally the sky seemed slightly more mauve than golden.

The images below were made between 2.40pm and 4.20pm – both looking towards the sun……. and away from the sun.

(note: at this time of Winter in Melbourne, the sun goes down fairly early anyway, but 2.40pm………………such a strange and eerie afternoon).

This image looking straight out to the end of St Kilda Pier shows some of the eerie golden light and was actually made slightly later at 4.36 pm, just before I headed for home.

15 thoughts on “ST KILDA PIER & BOAT MARINA

  1. Excellent photos, Vicki. We walked along there ourselves, not so long ago. It was a sunny warm day and the water was quite calm then, too.

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    1. They certainly do, Dick.

      I’m trying to alternate flower, bird, land or seascape, in that order for this new re-vamped nature blog, so you’re sure to see plenty of boats in future posts. I could get to 3 beaches via public transport when I lived on the south side of the city (of Melbourne).

      Not much happening on my balcony in the cold, gusty winds this week, so images will continue to come from my archives.


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