This blue daisy has to be one of my favourite blue flowers.

It has several Common Names – Blue Daisy, Blue Marguerite, Kingfisher Daisy (Felicia amelloides), but also comes in white, mauve or lilac.  It has masses of pure blue flowers from Summer to Winter and the patch in the image (above & below) is from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.

Originally from South Africa, its dazzling display makes it popular for bedding and containers, including hanging baskets.  This is another flower that I’d have in my garden if I had an in-ground one (instead of plastic pots on an apartment balcony).

I say plastic, because most of my ceramic pots got stolen off my balcony fence when I lived near the Royal Botanic Gardens on the south-east side of Melbourne, so now, I just stick to plastic pots (wherever I live).  What hurt the most is that I had just planted them out with Spring seedlings and fresh potting soil which cost a fair bit of money all up.

Felicias are generally treated as short-lived perennials and form substantial bushy plants with a maximum height or spread of 30-50cm (12-20 inches), so I presume the one in the RBG is more than one plant as you can see how far it’s spread in the image above.  The plentiful tiny leaves are grey or mid-green in colour, those of Felicia amen ‘Variegate’ have bright creamy white edges.


    1. Reviewing these 2 images almost tempts me to get a blue Felicia daisy to go with my blue Bacopa (that’s been flowering forever). I wonder if the frosts we’ve had recently might kill it though.

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    1. What a shame, Cindy.
      Apparently they like dry to moderate soil and don’t like damp conditions, suggesting they don’t need watering?


    1. I agree Eliza. The first image in this post was the first time I’d ever seen this lovely flower.
      They don’t sound very hardy, or the flowers long-living, according to my plant encyclopaedia. Apparently they like dry soil and no damp conditions or frost.


    1. Thank you…….sad when things are stolen on your own property and you can’t do a thing about it. One ceramic pot was a birthday present from a neighbour too.

      Yes, those blue daisies really are a joy to see when there are so many blooms all together like that 🙂

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