AUSTRALIAN KING PARROT (Alisterus scapularis)

The Australian King Parrot is a large distinctive, broad-tailed parrot found in gardens, farmland, forest and woodlands of most sorts, especially if damp.

The male has a plain scarlet head and body with dark green wings, a dark blue rump and distinctive long bluish-black tail.  The female is predominantly green with a scarlet belly and undertail coverts.

My younger brother feeds them regularly on his small farm located past the Dandenong Ranges (overlooking the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne), so it was pretty easy to get some photos.

Here’s a couple more shots from Melbourne Zoo.

20 thoughts on “AUSTRALIAN KING PARROT (Alisterus scapularis)

    1. Thanks Jane. I sometimes get a bit envious when my brother emails me photos of the sunsets in his valley or the multitude of Australian birds he sees and/or feeds. But he also gets the kangaroos eating his crops in the lower fields too so not all the local ‘visitors’ are welcome.

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    1. We have a lot of dull birds too, Dick. Some blend in with the Eucalyptus trees and hard to spot at all. I tend to share photos of the more colourful ones, because they’re the species I spot easily.


  1. Fabulous photos. We are fortunate to see many of these magnificent birds in the wild around home


    1. Thanks Lesley. These parrots are so brightly plumed I don’t thing anyone who sees them can help but like them. I wish I had them in my current home area, but I have to go up to my brother’s property to the east of Melbourne to catch sight of them.

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