A light just switched on in my brain after dinner tonight.  I had one of those Ahaaaah moments.

I made a rather faded image of a White-plumed Honeyeater (Lichenostomus penicillatus) through the (dirty) lounge window on the 2nd August.  It was the first time I’d ever seen this bird on the tree in front of my apartment balcony and I remember being rather thrilled at the time.  I’d spotted these Honeyeaters many times high up in the trees down by the Maribyrnong River near my home, but had been unsuccessful in capturing a good shot.

Here’s a repeat of that early August shot …

The Honeyeater was behind the main branch of the bare-limbed young tree.  And there was definitely no nest on the 2nd August.  I’m pretty observant when it comes to the various bird life around my apartment balcony, as I spend so many hours watching the birds from my desk.  The distance is about 7-8 feet at most.

In one of the ‘nest’ images I made today, it shows the nest just to the right of the main trunk (shown in the image above).

I do believe the nest must have been made in the last couple of weeks!

I wonder if it’s a White-plumed Honeyeater nest (in anticipation of new Spring leaves to hide it in a few weeks) ?

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ll keep you posted on any new developments.

Here’s a few more possibilities photographed from my desk or down in Frogs Hollow a few weeks ago.  Sorry the birds aren’t close in Frogs Hollow, but these little wild birds are skittish and I can’t get close enough to give you a decent image when they’re feeding on the low-lying grass field in Frogs Hollow.  The House Sparrows are getting more used to my presence though.




It’s Saturday in Melbourne and the rain/hail has cleared from the sky and the sun has come out.

The birds are tweeting in their very best voices to entice me outdoors.  I opened the balcony sliding door and stepped out into a puddle of water blanketing the tiles.

I wanted to check the sky and…… see if the small deciduous tree in front of my balcony had any new buds yet.

It did……..but very tiny and hard to see.

Then I spotted it.

A tiny nest about 3″ across.

I will have to rearrange the potted plants on my balcony so that the nest is visible from my desk chair.

I’ll keep you posted if there are any new residents.

I will be thrilled if I get new neighbours.


Dare I get my hopes up that tomorrow will be a lovely day for Photography?

Will Melbourne’s weather forecast be right for a change?

Sunday 20 August

Min 4
Max 14
Partly cloudy.
Possible rainfall: 0 mm
Chance of any rain: 20%

Melbourne area

Partly cloudy. Areas of morning frost. Slight (20%) chance of a shower in the evening. Light winds.


Light winds is one of the descriptions I’m always looking for (in Photography).  Partly cloudy is far more interesting than a clear blue sky for Photography.

So where shall I go tomorrow?  (it feels like I’ve been pretty much indoors for the whole of Winter this year, partly the weather, but partly these #$@! severe headaches and neck pain – which are now permanent, but I’ve got plenty of prescription painkillers these days in the wake of all those MRIs I had.  They only show one new slipped disc in my neck, to match the 6 slipped discs in my lower back.  Methinks I may have to give up the heavy 150-500mm lens soon).

St Kilda Beach or Pier?

or somewhere local?

Newell’s Paddock Wetlands & Conservation Reserve?

Brighton Beach ?

It’s a long way off now that I’ve moved to the western suburbs, but actually only 2 buses, or a tram and a long bus trip?  But it’s Sunday tomorrow and the buses don’t run as often.

The Royal Botanic Gardens?

Queens Park, Moonee Ponds?  That’s only a tram ride to the end of the line and a 5 minute walk to the entrance.

Or shall I renew my Zoo Membership and go to the Great Aviary for some Bird Photography practice?  Despite lack of direct route via public transport, it IS only about 3-4 kms away as the crow flies.

Or shall I go somewhere new?


PS.  It’s only 10.45am and the hail and heavy rain has just started (it’s Saturday morning as I type this post).