BRIGHTON BEACH (or how I made my first slideshow using iMovie)

Yesterday was a momentous day.

I wanted to make another YouTube, (or slide show), with sound.

With the Picasa software used in the past no longer on my computer, I discovered it was no longer available or supported on the internet either.  So a couple of days ago I started searching for a new piece of editing software that would do the same thing.

And, to make the task easier, I decided on a simple slide show based on my Brighton Beach images.  Note: I’ve use these images before to make a Picasa software slide show with a standard piece of music which was available on Picasa at that time.

Brighton Beach is in a bayside suburb not too far from Melbourne city (by bus, train or car), known for its iconic colourful bathing boxes. These bathing boxes, or storage sheds, can only be owned by local residents and on the rare occasion one is sold, such as in January 2016, the auction resulted in the astonishing figure of Aust$285,000.  Just imagine a painted shed being sold for that gigantic sum. No land.  Just a SHED!  Just as well Brighton is an affluent suburb.  I’ve uploaded some sample shots to paint a picture of the beach I’m working with for this slide show.

Finally, Friday night, I decided just to upload iMovie onto my Mac and give it a try.  It took about 8 hours to download and I had to leave the computer on all night.  It wiped out approximately 2.2GB (which I didn’t take in when I read the instructions) so with only an 8GB monthly internet package, I’m going to run out of internet this month (unless I stay off the computer for most of the next week or two.

Anyway, yesterday morning, at the end of the download, I opened iMovie and stared intently at the Black space with the various options at the top of the screen……..I stared blankly for a fair while in fact.  My brain was going around in circles in Imagination & Creative mode i.e. the Right side of the Brain was firing.

I thought it pointless to read, or watch, a tutorial on how to make a movie or slide show using iMovie, as by the time the tutorial was over I would have forgotten half of what it said :).

Yesterday I stared at the black screen for some time after the overnight upload.  I nearly went into one of my regular Meditations with the focus on the words ‘black screen’ repeated over and over in my brain.  I snapped out of that when I realised half the day was gone and I was still in my PJs…………and the screen was still black.

iMovie has dozens, (if not hundreds?), of music clips, so I just chose the sound of waves crashing for this first test exercise.  Fortunately I’m still very good at observing small details visually, so realised very quickly if I took images from several beach visits, the sky might be bright blue in some shots and overcast on others.  One cold Autumn day I was down at Brighton Beach and it was pretty much deserted.    On another, the broad stretch of soft sand at low tide was crowded (it being sunny and a weekend).   So I couldn’t use too many images showing the sandy section of the beach or the sky colour.

One day the waves were merely lapping at the fine seaweed and shells sprinkled haphazardly across the sand high tide line.  Another day, the waves were crashing with high spray and greater ferocity.  So choosing to make a slide show from several beach visits was not without some challenges yesterday.   But, I do have a certain amount of patience and tenacity (as shown in my working life, as much as in my current bird and nature photography hobby).

Towards the end of my initial test slide show, I placed the pale sky and images made facing into the sun (giving silhouettes), to suggest to the viewer the sun, was getting low in the sky.  It wasn’t late in the day, so this was merely an illusion.

Then I couldn’t work out why it didn’t upload to my YouTube channel.

This morning I finally noticed that I hadn’t given it enough time to upload (to YouTube).  Duhhh!

It took a few minutes and then I decided to share my test sample of using the Apple Mac’s iMovie software with you.

So here ’tis.

My very first slide show using iMovie.  Remember I’m only a beginner and this was my first attempt.  But I thought it was pretty good for a first attempt.

Enjoy………………….and yes, you are excused if the sound of crashing waves gets too monotonous and you turn the sound off 🙂


17 thoughts on “BRIGHTON BEACH (or how I made my first slideshow using iMovie)

    1. Thanks Peggy. Have you got iMovie on your Mac? It seems to take up a lot of internet allowance for me. I just received an email notifying me I’ve used 50% of my monthly allowance (in 4 days…LOL).

      I must keep off the computer this week that’s for sure.

      The blue shells are mussels.

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    1. That ‘beach house’ as you call it is only an empty shed about 8′ x 12′. There are 3 larger ones further along the beach which would be about 10′ x 20′. I think it’s a symbol of wealth (like a mercedes or lamborghini ).
      You’ve got it. You use it. But you don’t need it.

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    1. Thanks Thomas. I’ll have to practice some more. Now I have a fair idea of how to produce it (the slideshow) in the most simple form, I can see how to expand/decrease the timing of each photo and I think I can work out how to lengthen and shorten (or change midway) the music. I could probably work out how to do a video with my camera and upload it to, but I seem to remember trying to film part of a walk many years ago and I kept wobbling when panning the camera. (which is probably why I can’t pan and capture a bird flying in the air – it all boils down to my lower back surgery(s) and being unable to twist easily from the waist I suspect)


    1. Thanks Pete.
      It’s certainly a beach photographed many times by tourists and locals alike.
      I could still get to this beach even though it’s on the opposite side of the city to my home, but the 2 connecting buses to get there would make many more stops along the route and a much longer journey these days.
      One of those locations which is a bit too far away (without a long summer day of light or, a car to make a quicker journey).


  1. This really is wonderful. The Windows program I used on my old computer isn’t supported any more, but you inspired me to dig around a bit more, and it seems that I do have a program that i could use already installed. I’ve known it was there, but the name is odd, and I never explored it to see what it could do. I love those little changing houses. A friend in England has photographed some of one of the beaches she frequents. It’s a good idea, really, although as you say, it’s not necessary.

    The sound of the ocean is wonderful. I didn’t think it monotonous at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Linda.
      It was great fun and challenging for me to do these movie/slide shows, but now I’ve done a couple, I think I’ll go back to just posting images. They take up less upload space with my limited monthly internet package. I imagine the idea behind our Brighton Beach changing sheds came from the English ones.
      Glad to hear you enjoyed the sound track.


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