Many moons ago, when I was more au fait with my computer, had more ‘grey matter’ in my brain and had Picasa editing software installed, I made 4 YouTubes from a range of early photos.  I’d forgotten all about them until yesterday and thought to share one of them today.  Amateurish they might be, but I seem to remember they were great fun to play around with.  These were made when I had only one blog, Victoria A Photography (now deleted).

I split into 2 new blogs, A Black & White blog under my name Vicki A Alford – Photographer  (which I don’t use often) and this current Nature blog you’re now reading, Living with Nature.

Living with Nature could have been titled A walk with my camera as that is what it is.  Just images I make when out walking (for fresh air and exercise).  These days I never go to a particular place to photograph a sunset.  Any sunset shot is merely what I happen to see at the end of a walk, or from my apartment balcony.  There’s a professional photographer called Vicki Alford in Melbourne, so I inserted the first letter of my middle name to differentiate between the 2 of us.

Back in those days, I dabbled in Food Photography as well.

Food Photography became rather expensive as I had to keep buying so many different ingredients for recipes (to photograph).  There were many times when I ate the food/recipe before I’d decided on the final image to share, as it looked so yummy.  It not only looked yummy, it was delicious as I used to be a good cook.  This clip opens with the image which was a finalist in the Michaels Camera Store monthly contest – “Food” – a few years ago –  Caponata Siciliana – a sweet/sour Bruschetta dish of which I am extraordinarily fond.  I made about 50 images and then, dissatisfied with the results, ate the food.  The next day I went out and bought all the ingredients again, made many more images and ended up choosing the shot below.

Michaels Camera Store in Melbourne is my ‘go to’ shop for anything Photographic and the assistants have been more than generous with their time and advice.

In fact, I spent months trying out all the long telephoto lenses, (including the Canon L series expensive lenses I couldn’t possibly afford), before I chose the Sigma 150-500mm f5.0-6.3 lens for my bird photography.  Due to my poor memory, I used to visit the store regularly with queries, both technical and lens related.  No question was EVER too trivial or silly for these highly knowledgeable sales assistants – all of whom are very experienced photographers themselves.  I believe some of them are professional photographers who work in the store part-tome to supplement their income.

I visit less often now that I live further away from Melbourne’s city centre.

Hope you enjoy the variety of images in this clip……


13 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVES………………..A YOUTUBE

  1. That video is splendid. I enjoyed all of the images — hard to pick just one. It’s very well done. I do have to ask — what is the dessert (?) that’s shown just below the cherries? Oh, my. I could put a fork to that right now.

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    1. That dessert was heavenly, Linda. My (ex) SIL made if for desert for Christmas lunch in 2013 (as well as our English tradition of plum pudding and brandy butter). I don’t have the recipe, but I’d say you make a 1″ high soft pavlova type of thing baked in a square baking pan. I’d guess and say the centre is Mascarpone cheese and cream mixed together and spread over the 1″ base, then rolled up and put back in the fridge to keep it firm. The berries are a mixture of blueberries, sweet strawberries and the more tart raspberries? (or just blueberries and strawberries?) heated in some mixture (sugar & liquor ? or balsamic vinegar, I’m guessing) and the drained berries trickled over the roll with a few around the base. A tiny bit of the liquid drizzled over. It is absolutely divine to eat and I had very good light on the table at my brother’s house when I took the photo. It’s sweet but not too sickly with the tart berries to take the edge off the sweetness of the roll.

      Balsamic vinegar drizzled over strawberries is a common combination. Apparently it brings out the flavour of the strawberries.

      I don’t eat sweets, sugar or desserts of this nature, so I like it more than most people at Christmas. It’s a real treat for me. I’m a bit dairy intolerant so can’t eat too much.

      If you do a Google search “pavlova roll with mascarpone and berries” on google images, you might be able to find something approximating my photo. I’m not in touch with my ex SIL so can’t ask her. Not sure if she kept to the actual recipe or not. You just have to be careful rolling the cooked pavlova base once you get it out of the square tin. The tin is probably lined with baking paper to get it out easily and help roll it.

      I can highly recommend it for a special dinner or lunch and I suspect its quite easy to make (if you’re a creative person).


    1. Thanks Peggy.
      I thought you knew I did food photography 🙂
      (I did it long enough to learn a bit about lighting and that it’s better to undercook the food to keep it looking crisp. I think I learned a bit when I followed some food photography bloggers).

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