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Many years ago, I used to use Picasa software to make collages or Birthday Cards.  I no longer have this software and this morning I discovered its no longer available.  The collage above is one of many I made in the early days of my Photography hobby.  



11 thoughts on “AUTUMN COLLAGE

  1. Look up PicMonkey. I do believe that’s the program that was devised as a substitute for Picasa. I have the software, and it’s great. You can make collages and etc. with it, too — and very easily.

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    1. Thank you Peggy.
      PicMonkey is not free so I’m currently looking at some other ‘free’ options. Maybe there’s a free app for the Mac too? I’ll check the app store which I’m not familiar with.

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    1. I lost Picasa when I got my Mac software updated John. I vaguely remember not worrying about losing it as I had so many images in my library at the time and I no longer made cards & that type of slideshow (with music attached). I did make a couple of videos and I might see if I can find the beach one.

      Hang on to Picasa, but know that it is no longer supported or updates being made.

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