From the archives – 21st September 2016

It’s been cold, extremely windy and VERY wintery weather in recent days………..just when I thought Winter was coming to an end and Spring might be soon appearing on the horizon.

But still…….not much in the way of real heavy soaking rain this past winter in Melbourne.

Maybe we’ll have record-breaking Spring rain like we had last year?

Who knows.

In the meantime, I’m in hibernation mode and my cameras are gathering dust.


14 thoughts on “SPRING SUNSET

    1. Thanks Tanja. I have a great collection of travel books & DVDs on my shelves so can keep myself amused with them, although if I’m indoors too long I get a little ‘cabin fever’ or depressed. Unfortunately, with my 7 month long bad/severe headache and neck pain, I can’t spend too long on the computer any more and have had to give up all the lovely writing blogs I used to follow.

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    1. Thanks Peggy. It is very chilly indeed and colder tomorrow.
      I’ve managed to cross a couple of books off the ‘must read’ list while I’ve been at home.

      Wednesday is forecast to be sunny ALL day 🙂 So that looks promising, but with my washing machine breaking down over the weekend, I can bet the only day a repair man can come will be Wednesday 🙂

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    1. Just preparing another post ‘from the archives’, John. Now I’ve only got some 2000+ images in the archives, its getting a bit harder to find something to share. Hail just hit us in the western suburbs and it looks very cold outdoors. Hope you’re nice & warm indoors down in the southern suburbs.


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