Melbourne Weather Forecast – Thursday 3rd August, 2017 – cold, fog and a 90% chance of rain.


We’d better have some re-runs from the archives again……and I feel like beach images on this chilly Winter Day – (with apologies to the followers who’ve seen them all before).







    1. Yes, they are fish ‘n’ chips – the blue tone is merely from the shade, where I was sitting on that hot afternoon. I could have changed the White Balance, but I never remember to do that when outdoors enjoying a summer day.
      St Kilda Pier kiosk has great Fish & Chips, but Port Melbourne’s shop near the tram stop are even better.

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    2. St Kilda Beach was my nearest and most accessible beach/pier when I lived on the south side of the city, but I don’t think I’ve been back to any of the bayside beaches since I moved in April/May 2015. It would take me at least 3 lots of public transport to get to St Kilda now.


    1. Thanks Terry. Good to hear you (as a long time follower) are not getting bored with the same images re-posted multiple times. I seem to keep on photographing the same things when I go for a walk along the river, so have nothing new to share.

      It’s already after midday here and just starting to rain gently, so that’s obviously not the 90% that the weather bureau forecast 🙂 . As much as I’d like some sun today, for once, I’d prefer some really heavy rain ALL day to give the plants and trees a good deep soaking. My potted herbs are surprisingly dry too.

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      1. No two photos taken even of the same subject are alike, so each is different and enjoyable. I have tried to duplicate photos of the same scene taken at different times and, happily, have never been successful.

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    1. Thanks Peggy.
      No it wasn’t after my F & C. I guard those rare treats like gold. I love Fish & Chips, but they have to be crisp on the outside and hot & perfectly cooked on the inside (which is rare in many F & C shops these days).

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    1. Thanks Trisha.

      Best time to go to a beach is when its cooler and there aren’t many people around.

      I tend to look up, down and all around (to find things to photograph). The other idea is to look for the small things as well as the bigger picture…… like seashells and seaweed shots to add to a few seascapes to provide some variety in a blog post……..and of course photograph lunch, or afternoon tea food, for some more variety in subject matter 🙂 If I posted 10 shots of the boat marina, you’d probably find the blog post less interesting.

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