SPOTTED TURTLE-DOVE (Streptopelia chinensis)

We’ve had some lovely sunshine in Melbourne last week and again this week (since the gale force winds over the past weekend), but I’ve had so many errands (and other commitments), I’ve had little chance to enjoy it.  Monday,  I walked home along the Maribyrnong River path as the sun got lower in the sky and turned much of the surrounding landscape into gold which is really a wonderful time of the afternoon for Photography.

I noticed a couple of Spotted Turtle-doves on a branch in Frogs Hollow Nature Reserve and (fortunately) had the long 150-500 lens with me.  Initially, they seemed to be half asleep but when I took aim through the viewfinder, one opened its eyes as though it sensed my presence.  Impossible from that distance away, so was probably just coincidence the Dove opened its eyes and stared straight at my camera lens at that moment.

The image below (at 4.15pm as I walked home on Monday) gives you an idea of the pleasant weather we’ve experienced.

Yesterday and today was almost picture-postcard perfect too.

Although in one way,  I’ll be glad if it does rain for the rest of the week as we surely need it in Melbourne at this stage of late Winter.  While my balcony tiles have been wet most mornings when I wake (suggesting overnight rain), my potted plants have needed regular watering by hand again!

We’re having a very dry winter here.


9 thoughts on “SPOTTED TURTLE-DOVE (Streptopelia chinensis)

    1. Will let you know, Peggy. They’re so common here and after uploading so many images when I lived in Abbotsford to the north-east of Melbourne, I’m reluctant to keep posting images again here in Frogs Hollow. But they certainly are more accessible and stay still (for me to photograph) more than many other bird.

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  1. That does look like a lovely afternoon, and a nice walking path. I just poked my head out, and our humidity is down a bit, and it’s only (!) 81F, so I’m off to enjoy work for a while before it heats up. I’ll probably have a chance to enjoy some doves, too. They like to hang around the marinas and perch on the sailboat masts and spreaders. Given half a chance, they’ll try to nest there, too, but they usually have to give up and go to a more protected spot.

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    1. It’s been lovely sunny weather this week Linda. And while its a lovely walk down by the river, the enormous electricity pylons running down the side of the river kind of spoil the view a bit. Sounds hot over your side of the world. Do you work indoors or out? (on the boats). Outdoors all summer might be nice depending on how hot and humid it is.


    1. I love the doves also, but then I had such a close relationship with them in the previous apartment block 2015/16. It’s foggy out this morning, but the weather bureau predicts that will clear to a sunny afternoon (again). I’m free day today (from errands), so looks like a good afternoon for another walk & some photography. If the sun’s out, so will be the birds 🙂

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