From the Archives – 13th June 2017

I hate walking along the main road to the nearby Shopping Centre.  (In fact I usually catch a bus, tram or taxi).

It’s so boring.

The roads.

The cars.

The car exhaust fumes.

The traffic sounds.

So back in mid June I set myself a challenge to see how many flowers I could photograph in residential gardens, (or next to footpaths), along the walk.  It worked.  By the time I’d found the last flower on the journey, I had arrived.  And I didn’t even notice how long it took.  Here’s a couple of images I shot along the way.

………and I wasn’t bored one little bit 🙂



7 Comments on “WINTER ROSE

  1. That was an excellent way to brighten up a boring walk! And I’m sure the people who tend those gardens were pleased to see that you appreciated them.

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    • I’m not sure that it was a residential garden as there’s a broader patch of ground between the road and the footpath in this area, Terry. I wondered if it was planted by the local council? I only photographed about 6 flowers on the walk (it being winter I guess) but it sure did pass the time more quickly. I still prefer to walk in nature reserve type areas though.

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  2. What luscious color. Do you know what the flower is? It looks like a cross between a rose and an azalea, although I’m very sure that’s not the case.

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    • I’m not familiar with roses per se (only herbs), Linda, but I would guess and say it’s a dog rose. They have that flattened appearance with less petals don’t they? The leaves were shaped like a rose leaf anyway. I think dog roses are a climbing rose.


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