No new nature images to share this week, only a few photos I shot on Monday from the Princes Bridge (overlooking the Yarra River) on the southern perimeter of Melbourne and some shots from my archives.

Most of the river cruises leave from this dock (where the ferry in the lower right of the frame is situated). I’ve been meaning to catch one of the tourist cruise boats for years, but never got around to it. Some 35 years ago when I worked in the centre of Melbourne, we did have our annual office Christmas party on one of these pleasure boats in the middle of the Yarra River though.
On the south side of the Yarra River, all the Rowing clubs have their boat storage sheds and club rooms. Some are very old from the mid to late 1800s and other club houses are much more recently built in the 20th century. Going by the dark-looking storm clouds in the sky, there must have been heavy rain in the outer eastern suburbs.
On both sides of the river, there is a walking/running/cycling track shaded by large trees and you can actually follow the river trail for many miles to the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

I’ve had the good fortune to live in various locations near/next to a major river, parkland, nature reserve or the Royal Botanic Gardens for most of the time since I returned from a 2 year working holiday in the U.K & Europe in 1978/79.  I’ve moved several times due to job changes or my rental property being sold and me having to move.   In one case I shared a house with a work colleague and we had to move out due to demolition of the whole residential area to construct a new south-bound freeway.

For those interested, the map below gives you some idea of the many public parks and gardens in and around Melbourne’s inner suburbs,   The grid of streets and lanes in the centre of this map shows where the Central Business District (CBD) and main shopping area in Melbourne.  The Yarra River exiting the bay and running from the lower left of the frame, winds its way across the centre of the map and then north-east for many miles.

The Maribyrnong River (which is 5 mins walk from my current apartment) enters/exits the Yarra River mid left of the map frame and heads north-west of Melbourne (city).

As you can see, we are lucky to have many public parks and gardens in Melbourne and its surrounding inner suburbs as shown by the green patches on the map – the 38 hectare Royal Botanic Gardens (shown below) is just one of many gardens for locals and tourists alike.

Note: all the images below are from my archives as I haven’t been to the Royal Botanic Gardens to do any photography since I moved from the area in April/May 2015.


15 thoughts on “MELBOURNE…..

    1. Thanks Vicki, I just took my daughter down to The Yarra Bend Park to see the flying foxes and she said how amazing it is that one minute you are in forest and the next in the city. But I think you’ve seen that post anyway.

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      1. It IS amazing how much contrast there is on the Yarra River Trail, John, and good to see the councils are ensuring so much of the trail’s surrounding areas are being returned to their natural state (or at least improved).

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    1. Green spaces are essential in modern cities, Tanja, but we’ve got far too many tall apartment buildings in the city itself. I’d prefer to see them much lower in the city centre.


  1. I started reading from the bottom, and as I scrolled up through the photos, I thought — good griedf! Those Melbourne folks surely do take their gardens seriously.” Then I came to the bit of information that made it a little more understandable: it’s the Royal Botanic Gardens! Oh, my. What a wonderful place, and your photos do it justice. I did enjoy the little heron, and the plants on the steps leading up to the volcano. Very interesting, indeed.

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    1. We have large public gardens all around Melbourne……the 38 hectare Royal Botanic Gardens (1846) to the south of the river. The Treasury gardens is about 6 hectares. Then there’s the Fitzroy Gardens (about 28 hectares) where the conservatory is located (which has 5 different displays each year). These were all planted from the early settlement of Melbourne between1840-1860. When I deleted 25,000 photos to reduce my photo library, I deleted most of the various gardens I visited when I first took ‘early’ retirement and bought a camera.

      My old blog Victoria A Photography, (now deleted), was full of flower, tree & bird photos from all the various gardens in and around Melbourne. If you Google ‘Vicki Alford black & white’ under Google images you can pick up all my black & white photos, so there must be some way to Google me and pick up my flower, or Botanic Garden photos, I think? Or does deleting a blog erase all the images on the internet?

      There’s a professional photographer called Vicki Alford somewhere in Melbourne so I have always inserted my middle name initial ‘A’ to distinguish between us. I keep deleting posts to make more room in my current nature blog. will get you to some flower shots.


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