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The Pied Imperial Pigeon actually comes from South-east Asia, but is now found in the north-east Australian state of Queensland.  The images below are from the Great Aviary at Melbourne Zoo and I’ve included a few old images of the Great Aviary to give you some idea of what a great space this is.  It’s enormous and covers 3 temperature zones with a water course running from the top Rainforest end down to a large pond in a dryer more temperate zone.

The boardwalk runs up to about 20 feet above the aviary floor, but on cold winter days, the birds are ‘indoors’ in sheltered spots and hard to see.

Spring, Autumn or a sunny Winter day are the best times to visit (when the birds are sun-baking in the trees (level with the boardwalk).  A couple of times, I’ve been to the Zoo specifically to spend a couple of hours in the Great Aviary (only) and it’s been closed for maintenance.

Pied Imperial Pigeon – this one looks like a rather obese older bird.

I dropped my Zoo membership a couple of years ago as I’d been about 100 times in 3 years to practice (mainly) bird photography and really………just how many times can you photograph the same birds.  Now that I’m living in a western suburb of Melbourne, I’m quite close to the main Melbourne Zoo (as the crow flies – about 3 miles or 6 kms).  Shame there isn’t a direct route over the Maribyrnong River from where I live now.

Melbourne Zoo is a great location to spend a hot summer’s day as the landscaping around most of the exhibits is temperate rainforest.



8 thoughts on “PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON (Ducula bicolor)

    1. It is wonderful, Linda, but not during the school holidays as it’s crowded and despite the signs, children run up and down the boardwalks spoiling the calm and beauty of the birdlife.


  1. Very nice shots Vicki! Those are very pretty birds! I am continually impressed with the places you have there like the zoo and the effort that is put into creating and maintaining them! And you have taken full advantage of being able to visit often.

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    1. There are actually 3 zoos in/near Melbourne, Terry. Our main zoo is in an inner northern area and surrounded by parkland which is the one accessible via public transport. All the old small cages which I knew as a child are now gone, except for 1 or 2 left as examples. Werribee Park zoo is an open range zoo to the west of Melbourne. Healesville Sanctuary is more open bush land in it’s zoo (to the east of Melbourne past the outer suburbs up in the country).

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