Sometimes I think I’ll never find something new to photograph around my local area and then, I take a random shot of nothing in particular and just love the result.  I had my heavy long 150-500mm lens in my hand when I made this shot and can’t believe I managed to hold it still enough to capture the fine hairs of this dead thistle(?) from so far away.


13 thoughts on “REMAINS OF LAST SUMMER

    1. Thanks for your very kind comment, John.
      This was one of those shots which I really liked because of the late afternoon winter light (blue tones). I have a similar shot of the same thistle heads on a hot summer’s day which looks nothing like this one. In this shot its the light and season that made the difference……and that fine fluffy effect that makes you want to ‘touch it’. (well, that’s my take).

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  1. I like those winter tones, too. This has been my year to appreciate blues and browns in a whole variety of combinations, and this is a nice one. I wish I’d had your 500mm lens yesterday when I spotted an adult great blue heron with young ones, foraging in a marsh. Even my 300mm couldn’t capture them, but I suspect you could have. You certainly did well with this beauty.

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    1. Thanks Linda.

      While really too heavy to carry far, I think the Sigma 150-500mm was good value. Since my lumbar spine and neck pain has got so bad, I usually carry it in a wheeled bag of some kind. The Sigma takes just as good a shot as the Canon and is half the price. Sometimes I can hold the heavy weight steady and sometimes not.

      I’m sorry you missed out on the heron shot too. I would love to have see the young ones. Living in such an urban area, I rarely get to see young birds.


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