I think I mentioned to a commenter/new follower recently that I had deleted most of the 4000 images I made when living in Abbotsford on the north-east side of Melbourne (including all the corresponding WordPress posts to make room on this blog and reduce my massive Photo Library on my Mac Pro laptop).  I did keep all the sunrise/sunset images and about 30 other images of the walking trail to Dights Falls and the Collingwood Children’s farm (located next to the Yarra River).

BUT (silly me with the intermittent Brain Fog all us Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers have to live with), forgot that there are about 3300 images still in my WordPress Media Library.

So for the benefit of a new follower, Angus, who is now living in Abbotsford, here’s a few images from along the river and from my south-facing 3rd floor apartment balcony from May 2015 – October 2016.

I used to wash my floor-to-ceiling windows every week, ever in winter, so I could photograph the sky colours as they changed from dusk to sunset (and sometimes even dawn if I woke up early enough).   Every night I could sit at my desk (placed to face the windows) and watch the sky change colour and then disappear into night.

……and while my current 1st floor apartment is located on the western side of a building half-way down a steep hill next to Frogs Hollow Nature Reserve in the western suburb of Maribyrnong, I can still see the occasional sunset high up on the hilltop.



4 thoughts on “ABBOTSFORD

  1. My heart goes out to you reading this, Vicki.🌹 You have plenty of health issue burdens on your back and you do so well. 💕 I loved seeing the possum and all this images from the past, many gems here.You must have loved the sky view from a floor to ceiling window❣️
    Now you have me thinking about the Media library. My media space is almost gone, maybe it’s time to sort it out , delete a few and make room for new ones. Recently I have read posts from blogger feeling really annoyed with WP concerning policy and price when you exceed the 3 GB.
    It’s summer in Norway🇳🇴 right now. Warm and sunny☀️
    Love and hugs to you from us all, Dina 💕

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Dina.

      I am very lucky having my Photography hobby.

      I ran out of media room in my first photo blog and ended up spending $99 on some space, but I don’t consider that expenditure justifiable now. Hence starting new blogs. Twice I’ve deleted a year’s worth of posts on this Nature Blog (to clear out space), but then forgot to clear out the corresponding media library, so I will run out of media space soon too.

      Since I sometimes upload many photos from the day’s shooting and don’t always use every shot, a ‘delete’ of all unattached images has worked in the old blogs, but now I’m glad I didn’t delete them from this blog as I’m missing some of them in my photo library (when I got really ruthless and deleted 25,000).

      Do you have any unattached images in your WordPress media library that you can delete?


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