AUSTRALIAN WOOD DUCK (Chenonetta jubata)

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The Australian Wood Duck (Chenonetta jubata), is one of the commonest ducks to be seen around Melbourne’s public parks and gardens and I seem to have photographed them more times than most other birds (except perhaps the Nankeen Night Heron and the Pacific Black Duck, that is).

Young teenage female at Maribyrnong Wetlands about 30 mins walk from where I currently live in the Western Suburbs.

Looks like a couple of clear sunny winter days coming up next weekend according to the weather forecast, (which is always wrong 🙂 ), so I hope to have some new images to share afterwards.  I’ve been out and about in recent days with shopping, errands and/or appointments, but not doing photography.  There was a time when I’d take a camera everywhere, but not so these days.


8 thoughts on “AUSTRALIAN WOOD DUCK (Chenonetta jubata)

    1. Thanks Terry.
      (I think I might have gone a bit overboard in reducing the archives a couple of months ago. If I take out the ‘sunsets’ and ‘family history’ images in my archives, I think there’s only about 1800 left 🙂 ).

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    1. Thanks Linda. They’re such a common duck here in our public parks/gardens, that they become easy photo subjects (compared to the more wild birds up in the tree tops).

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  1. Awww … the gorgeous ducks❣️ You have so many good images in your library, Vicki! Yesterday I went into the forest and I couldn’t believe, a duck with three small ones rushed out of the water approaching me eagerly. It made my day.😊
    Enjoy winter, a time of the year that I love very much. We have summer now, just about tolerable with 23 ☀️
    Hugs, Dina

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    1. Thanks Dina. Don’t ducklings make a treat for the eyes.
      Our winter has been relatively dry so far, but cold all the same. I just wish the weather forecast was correct. Forecast rainy days I plan on doing the household chores and they turn out sunny, and other forecast sunny days (when I want to go outdoors doing photography) turn out to be rainy.
      Vicki x


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