It’s been raining overnight and I’ve woken up to a rather chilly day.

While the first month of winter – June – is nearly over, we’ve had surprisingly little rain so far in Melbourne.  It’s been mainly light showers in the western suburbs (where I live) for this last week, but enough to stall my efforts to get outdoors for some walking and fresh air (and/or nature photography).

More frequent showers are forecast for the next few days though.  I have to be honest and say that at least 2 days this week, I’ve spent most of the day watching my favourite Italian detective DVD series with the sound turned off, reading the subtitles only and a hot pack on the back of my neck.  Seems to be the only thing that truly reduces this long-running severe headache. Earlier this week,  I received a referral to a Neurologist who specialises in migraines, but when I got a quote for his initial consultation, I silently said “Ouch” and put the heat pack back on my neck.  Gee, some of these specialists cost more than my food budget for 2 months.  Maybe I’ll try some acupuncture, as at least that’s partly covered by my private health insurance. I’ve only just realised (in my foggy brain pain state) that the wonderful Chinese Doctor and Acupuncturist who I used to go to (in early 2010) is only a tram ride away.  Now why didn’t I think of her 5 months ago, I ask myself.  All I can say is that I’m forgetting lots of things these days.

My west-facing potted garden on my balcony is still thriving, despite the intermittent nature of Mother Nature’s rain drops.  I gave all my herbs and flowers another massive haircut a week or so ago and the flowers have spread their colourful petals even more.  Will this blue Bacopa and pink Argyranthemum ever stop flowering, I’m wondering?  Herbs love a good prune regularly and although its winter, only the Sage, Oregano and Lemon Thyme have really died back for the season.  My Rosemary, Mint, English and Italian flat-leaf parsley are surging ahead with the speed of a ‘Road-runner’.

For the first time, I’m growing Sorrel and Tuscan Kale.  Both are looking rather lively, although the Tuscan Kale seems to be rather slow to start (for my dinner table). Apparently, Sorrel tastes a bit like Spinach, so I’m keen to give it a trial run in my limited balcony space.

NOTE: all the images in this post were made yesterday.

Even my Rosemary has got new blue flowers on one spike.



7 thoughts on “BALCONY GARDEN UPDATE……

  1. Your garden is beautiful! I brought home some good soil, with repotting on my mind, and now you’ve really inspired me. I’d like to get my balcony cleaned up and prettied up, and repotting is the first step. Once that’s done, and the trimming done, I can think about some pretty colors for the summer.

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    1. I’ve deleted about 25,000 old photos Linda, but I’ll see if I’ve still got the shot of my previous apartment balcony which was south facing and no direct sun, but plenty of light. It was amazing. I think a balcony potted garden actually takes more work than a large garden in the ground. Watering and turning the pots to get the afternoon sun as it goes over the top of my apartment building can be a bit of a chore.


    2. PS. Unfortunately I seem to have deleted all the images of my old 3rd floor balcony garden on the north-east side of Melbourne, Linda. Never mind, I’ll have some more of the current balcony garden when Spring arrives this year 🙂

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    1. Thanks Terry. I REALLY can’t believe those pink (and blue) flowers are still blooming. I have to say that except for the many trips with the watering can on a summer’s evening, this west-facing spot seems to be fabulous. I’ll be emptying the small pots before next summer though – they dry out too much.
      (I hope acupuncture might have some effect too. It’s really distracting/annoying to have a bad headache when you wake up, right up til you go to bed. I’ve been putting my heat pack on my bed pillow and then under my neck as I lay down. It’s become my best friend 🙂 ).

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