GREAT EGRET (Ardea alba) – Newells Paddock Conservation and Wetlands Reserve

I wasn’t going to share this photo of the Great Egret in the Wetlands because it was so far away and I was having trouble holding my heavy long telephoto lens still (after my long walk along the river path to get to the Wetlands).  You can’t see much feather detail.  But soon after this shot the Park Ranger came up to chat and I never ended up getting my tripod out of its bag.  But the Park Ranger did mention another gate along the fence on the other side of the Wetlands, so I’ll check it out next visit as for the most part, I was looking into the sun trying to photograph birds on this downriver side of the Wetlands.

Not ideal at all.



6 thoughts on “GREAT EGRET (Ardea alba) – Newells Paddock Conservation and Wetlands Reserve

    1. Thanks Terry. I think I’ve obtained better shots of the white-face heron to be honest, but photographing a white bird when the sun is shining brightly tends to over-expose (for the feather details). I should have switched to manual mode or, used exposure compensation down a couple of notches.
      I agree about meeting the Ranger. He gave me his business card and email, but also mentioned he is in charge of all the parks & reserves for the whole area (and the volunteer gardening groups), so now I have a contact for the future too. Between Martin-the-Ranger and Andy-the-grass-cutter, my local information sources are steadily growing. Andy told me the other day that the Maribyrnong River sometimes has dolphins this far up-river from the bay. Now that…. would be….. a real treat 🙂

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