“Can’t a Bird get a little privacy around here?”

“It’s not my fault you pooped just when I pressed the shutter button 🙂 ”  (says Vicki to herself).

NOTE: to fellow bloggers……my severe headaches (and neck pain) continues and my brain MRI last Thursday is showing some anomalies….. one issue being that insufficient oxygen is getting to my brain.  Until I get further clarification, I’ll be spending more time offline and out walking in the fresh air.  I’ve got plenty of photos to share so I’ll try to just upload one or two (with no, or minimal, writing).

Maybe I’ll just stick to one day a week to read the blogs I follow, so, dear followers, I haven’t dropped you, just need to stay off the computer more for the time being.

Besides the days are glorious at the moment…..blue sky, sunshine and crisp Winter air.  Perfect for walking along the river.


10 thoughts on ““Can’t a Bird get a little privacy around here?”

    1. I walked to Newell’s Paddock today (about 4 kms….. & had to get a taxi home as my feet were too sore 🙂 ) and still………can’t get rid of this severe headache, Terry. It’s driving me crazy. Superb day though. Then got talking to the Park Ranger at Newell’s Paddock Wetlands & Conservation Park. He’s also in charge of the Pipemaker’s Park old herb garden & mosaic restoration (garden volunteers group on a Tuesday morning apparently). I’m thinking that might be another idea for a new hobby to do outdoors in the fresh air. I can’t do heavy gardening, but can do some things. Since I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), I’m wondering if there’s something in this new apartment I’m allergic to. I don’t like them spraying the slope below my balcony with weed killer either. It’s so windy here, it might be wafting up onto my herbs and through the open sliding door. Oil paint, chemicals, hall corridor carpet dry-cleaning, foyer air freshener (which stinks) are all potential headache/nausea probs for me. I’m even wondering if I’ve got some sort of toxic chemical poisoning which affects the brain….. (I am not joking). I’ll await the next Dr’s report.


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