BLUEBERRY “Nellie Kelly”

My potted blueberry is flowering.

On re-reading the identification tag from the plant nursery tonight, apparently it produces red flowers during winter.

I’ve never grown a blueberry before, let alone in a pot on a west-facing balcony, and was surprised to see the flowers at this time of year.

Looks promising for a good crop next Spring/Summer.


8 thoughts on “BLUEBERRY “Nellie Kelly”

  1. It’s a beautiful plant. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a blueberry being grown in a pot — but why not? It’s the height of blueberry season here now, and my refrigerator is filled with blueberries and blackberries to freeze — and turn into pie.

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    1. I can’t wait for the fruit to arrive now it’s grown so much, Linda. The plant has grown very quickly in the pot so I must have had the right potting soil as well. I bought the seedling months ago and had about 20 tiny berries just in the first month or so (despite the instructions saying it would be 2 years before it fruited). I buy berries every week in summer, so it will be good to just go out to my apartment balcony and pick a few fresh ones each morning for breakfast.


    1. I was surprised that it grew so well, but I vaguely remember my SIL up the country having a bush in a pot (awaiting planting in the ground) and it was quite large and very healthy. Apparently it likes frost and needs a few really cold nights in June/July for the flowers, so only being 4 degrees overnight last Sunday would be just what it needed.


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