Yesterday, like several other days recently, the weather has been superb for walking (when I actually get out the door that is).

Today dawned just the same.

Blue Sky and Sunshine all throughout the Day.

Barely a cloud in sight and a brisk chill in the air, (actually it went down to 4 degrees Celsius during the night in Melbourne – quite chilly).

Unfortunately my brain is not complying with my body these days, (literally), and I can never make up my mind where to go, so while I dither around, the clock moves on to mid-afternoon and then, with the shortest day in the southern hemisphere looming on the horizon, it is too late to set off.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting early Dementia or something, but I’m hoping its just the severe headaches I’ve experienced in the last 4 months (for which I now have extra, extra strong prescription analgesics).  I went through 5 months of severe headaches 7 years ago when I was still working full-time so I’m hoping its just another phase.   I find I’m typing some weird sentences too.  So if you’ve noticed some unusual spelling or funny sentences on my blog (or commenting on your blog), ignore it.  They are not typos, they are brain hiccups 🙂

Yesterday I had to go to the local chemist/pharmacy and the hardware shop, but I couldn’t resist the call of the river and local bird life.  Even the short 6-7 minute walk from my back door down to the river is a delight as the dew droplets sparkle in the shade of Frogs Hollow Nature Reserve next to the gravel pathway.

I saw so many birds in both the trees and on the pathway. No Willy Wagtails for a change, but certainly many of the common Spotted Turtle-doves, Magpies, Wrens, Noisy Miners, Crows, Blackbirds and a few feathered new friends whose names I don’t know.  Can be hard to see the details as looking into the Sun towards the north over Frogs Hollow from this path makes mostly silhouettes.  Someone has cut down several trees and laid them across part of the small area of grass between my ‘back gate’ and the gravel car-width pathway.

I was rather mystified initially, but after seeing all the Splendid Fairy Wrens hopping around, under and on the branches I wondered if the local council, (or whoever looks after this area), was deliberately creating a haven for insect and little critters or tiny birds?  There were about a dozen wrens hopping around and I muttered to myself, regretting leaving the heavy long telephoto 150-500mm birding lens at home.  I only had the Sony 55-210 lens and my short Canon 17-50mm  ‘landscaping’ lens in my shopping trolley (leaving room for my shopping later in the afternoon), so couldn’t get a good shot of these tiny birds to share.  These were 2-3 hopping along the gravel path too, but they moved quickly as I approached them, so no photos there either.

Or maybe they’re (the trees, not the birds) lying in wait for the landscaping ‘chipper’ truck to cart them away for mulch making.

It seemed like everyone was outdoors…….. walking, cycling, playing golf on the other side of the river, Canoeing/rowing/boating down the river, or whatever mode of transport kept them in the warmth of the sun, in my case…..legs of course.  Not that much wind either.  For a change, I can’t complain about Melbourne’s predictably unpredictable weather forecasts.

This is the same walk I do regularly every couple of weeks or so now, but there always seems to be something different to see (depending on the weather).

No ducks on the little ponds I passed, but there were many Little Pied Cormorants basking in the sun as I walked  down the peninsular of land, over the tiny footbridge on to the island, then another footbridge back on to the long strip of land.  My destination was the rocky causeway heralding Maribyrnong Wetlands (Bunyap Park or Edgewater Wetlands depending on which side of the grass and pond you’re on 🙂 ).

I can’t help a little smile creeping over my face at the 3 signs with different names, every time I walk around the pond (with its reed covered island in the middle).

Is there an invisible ‘fence line’ which divides the pond into 3 distinct wetlands?

Or, maybe it’s administered by 3 different local councils?

Whatever the case, I find the signage highly amusing each time I pass.

I cross this causeway or walk around the pond to get to the bus stop on the other side of the nearby road (faintly seen in the upper right of the image below).  I might add there’s lots of water in this particular stretch of wetland, whereas it was almost completely dried up last Summer.

Then, having just missed a bus according to the timetable on the nearby post, I sat in the sun on a residential garden brick wall lapping up the sun’s warmth while waiting for the next mode of transport to appear.   This particular bus route only runs 3 times over a 2 hour period, weekday or weekend, so there can be a long 40 minute wait at worst scenario – but yesterday I only had to sit for about 25 minutes.  If I wasn’t going to the shops and hardware store, I would have walked back home again.

I’m lucky to have a tram and 2 different bus routes going down my nearby main road, but I love this particular bus route as it goes via the long scenic route, Footscray Gardens, a few streets away from Newells Paddock Wetlands and Nature Reserve, and then on to the next suburb (and a train station).  I have yet to explore one of the trains that pass through this particular station up to the countryside in Central Victoria.  It will mean getting up very early and close attention to the timetables for a whole day trip and getting back home methinks.

The Autumn leaves on the boardwalk outside the chemist shop reminded me of how much Autumn colour I’d missed capturing with my camera this year.  I was stuck indoors (for the most).  And since I’ve reduced my photo library down to a bare 2000+, there’s not much to share from my archives (that you haven’t already seen).  To be honest, this lack of images to share, is also supposed to force me outdoors if I want to keep this my 3 WordPress Photo blogs going much longer.


10 thoughts on “A PERFECT WINTER DAY

    1. Thank you. The light in the last shot was made as the sun was going down, almost the golden hour and I’m sure the people sitting at the cafes along the boardwalk near my Chemist/Pharmacy were wondering what on earth I was photographing 🙂 I’ve got caught out on inner city pavements photographing the reflections in puddles and being cursed by shoppers and office workers hurrying by (and bumping in to me also). People lead such hectic lives these days, I’m sure they miss the beauty that surrounds them.

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