EUROPEAN GOLDFINCH (Carduelis carduelis)

They’re back.

The European Goldfinches, I mean.

I was just about to turn the computer off, when I heard the (now) familiar call of the European Goldfinch.  I looked up from the keyboard and could see one on the tree in front of my apartment balcony fence (about 10 feet away from where I was sitting at my desk).  I prayed for it to stand still while I swiveled around in my desk chair and pulled the long telephoto lens out of its carry bag, swiveled back to the window and aimed…….. (with the lens cap on LOL ).  I sent a telegraphic message again “please don’t fly away yet” and took the lens cap off ……….and the damn camera wouldn’t autofocus.  Did I tell you I dropped this heavy lens last Sunday?  Well, I did and am still not 100% sure it is autofocusing as quickly as usual.

Anyway, eventually the Canon DSLR & long lens did autofocus (and I fired off a couple of shots before this sweet little bird, with its cheerful song, flew away).

I’m pretty sure it was a male from what I could see of the red facial markings and black cap.

I had no idea what setting the camera was on, but since I use it for bird photography 97% of the time, I was in luck with a relatively fast shutter speed and the camera was on Shutter Priority mode.  And better still, the overnight rain had left minimal dirty water droplets on the lounge window to spoil the shot.

I’ve heard their song several times on sunny winter days recently, but never actually seen them until this morning.

I can hear a couple of them calling to each other now, but have no idea which bush they’re on.


8 thoughts on “EUROPEAN GOLDFINCH (Carduelis carduelis)

    1. It’s the rarity of catching it in a photo that appeals as much as its lovely facial colour. These tiny birds don’t stay long on my tree, whereas the House Sparrows are regulars now.


  1. That’s a beautiful bird! We have Goldfinches here, but not that species.Interesting and attractive colors and markings.
    You were lucky that he was patient and that you had left the right setting on the camera. I have a perpetual debate with myself about what settings I should leave on the camera.

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    1. Yes, very lucky I had the right setting, Terry. I’m ever so glad I bought that second Canon DSLR body so I can always leave the long telephoto attached and on Shutter Priority. Now the Sony ‘mirrorless’ is a different matter when it comes to the last used setting.

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