Yesterday, after I left the River & Cormorants, (mentioned in the previous post), I headed to the late 19th C garden ruins in Pipemakers Park.

It was a short walk and I was hoping for some wintery scenes for a blog post.

A Willy Wagtail sits on a drinking fountain near the semi-shade of the Pipemakers Park pond.
Note the bottom half of a Spotted Turtle-Dove in the top left of the frame, which I never saw at the time of shooting.

Soon after arrival, a Kindred Spirit came up to chat (and return the lens cap I had dropped further down the path – phew 🙂 ).

Turns out he used to do the photography on overseas travel trips with his journalist Wife many moons ago and we had much to talk about……. like…..Photography, photography, photography, the Light, the Light, more light and the many overseas places he had visited – many I’d never seen on my own overseas travels back in the mid to late 1970s.

There’s nothing I like to talk about more than Photography, Nature and overseas Travel, especially if it’s to some far-flung destination off the usual tourist route.  And if its to an isolated destination like northern Europe, Alaska or the Far East all the better as far as I’m concerned.   If I haven’t been to it, I’m sure to have read about it or have a book/dvd or nature documentary at home, so I usually try to prolong these little interesting chats on my walks as long as possible.  I must have been an explorer in a previous life as I certainly haven’t had the opportunity to travel to some of these remote locations in my current life.   In fact, these days, in enforced early retirement, I spend much time in solitary bliss and at home.

Eventually I ended the conversation with wanting to catch the light.

I turned around and found the wintery shadows had grown long from the ruins & trees and I only had a short time before I’d have to set off for home or get caught in the dark – not something to do, as the Kindred Spirit warned me, (just as a couple had warned me some weeks ago down on the River at dusk).

So I ended up with just a few photos of nothing much in particular.




    1. There must be something about a person with a DSLR in their hand that draws other people (not just photographers) into conversation. I should have exchanged first names as I suspect I might run in to him in the area again.

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  1. I agree with montucky about the fascination of photography. Especially if someone is using a camera rather than a phone, it attracts attention. I love that closeup of the Willy Wagtail. I still can’t get over that name.


    1. Those Willy Wagtail are just everywhere in this particular suburb of Melbourne. They wag their tails constantly even when standing still on the ground, so they are especially hard to photograph (if you’re as slow thinking as me). Having said that, I’ve got some good shots over the years.


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