BACOPA (Sutera cordata)

I’ve photographed the lovely flowers of this blue Bacopa several times since I planted the seedling some time last year (?).  It has grown so well on my west-facing apartment balcony and was a delight to see every morning when I got up and sat down at my desk (which is facing the window and balcony garden).  A few weeks ago I give all my herbs and flowers a fairly aggressive haircut, especially the mint and Bacopa which was almost trailing on the ground from the top of the 10 inch pot.

The nursery label, which I’ve kept, says it has an abundance of flowers from Spring to Summer, so I fully expected it to lie a little dormant through Autumn, especially now that Winter in Melbourne is approaching.

Within days of the haircut, (about 8″ off the long tresses and a crew cut on top), it started flowering again and my image, made yesterday, shows a healthy show of colour once again.

I’m now wondering if it will flower all winter…..miracles do happen in my potted garden from time to time.

(and my 3 pots of Mint, which I use a lot in salads in summer, cut down to about 1″ stubble, is almost 5-6″ high in each pot again).


9 thoughts on “BACOPA (Sutera cordata)

    1. We do get frost and foggy mornings, but I suspect the waist-high balcony fence and warm afternoon sun bouncing off the 8-9 foot high glass windows will form a micro-climate to some degree. In recent years we’ve had snow on the low lying hills a few times in winter, but that is not the ‘norm’.

      When I was a small child, we’d get very hot weather for the 6 weeks of the summer school holidays Dec-Feb, but nowadays, we’re just as likely to have intermittent cool/wet days around Christmas. Melbourne’s weather is totally unpredictable. Today was supposed to be showers this morning so I planned, and am doing, the household chores (laundry), but its been sunny. blue sky and would have been nice for a walk.

      It will be interesting to see if that Bacopa continues to flower when Winter starts in June. I’ve never seen or grown it before. Its as pretty in reality as it looks in the photo.

      The bright pink Marguerite Daisy (in the Shades of Pink post) is also flowering again, despite the hair cut. The sage and perennial basil are the only plants looking a little poorly, but that’s because I stopped watering them and presumed (incorrectly) that the intermittent rain showers would do the task. Just watered all the potted plants 30 minutes ago as they all felt dry when I stuck my finger in the soil. The Lemon Thyme and Oregano had already died back for their winter sleep and probably won’t arise until next Spring.

      In general, Melbourne has a fairly temperate climate. I remember a storm about 45 years ago, when I had to wade through knee to thigh high water in the centre of Melbourne city to get home from college. Train tracks were under water, but my Father worked in the city then and drove about 4-5 of us home in his car through heavy traffic via the un-flooded side of the city.

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    1. I give my herbs hair cuts all the time, John. They always seem to grow better. I cut the seed heads off my parsley – English curly & Italian flat-leaf and both are looking better than ever. You don’t have to cut them back. They should die back or go to seed naturally. I’m just a bit OCD and like things nice & neat on my balcony. If I had a real garden, I might do things differently.

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    1. Yes it would, RR.
      I’ll keep you posted if they do last much longer, purely because it might be interesting to see a Spring/Summer flower that did last.


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