The images below were made on the 25th May, 2014, when my younger brother kindly drove me to a field up on the Dandenong Ranges (the range of hills overlooking the eastern suburbs of Melbourne), where he’d seen this field of funghi only days earlier.



11 thoughts on “FUNGHI

    1. I’ve never seen as many in an open field like that before or since, Terry.
      My brother had a patch of about 5-6 of those big red ones on his farm, but the photos i made weren’t as good as these lying down flat on the ground (above). I think the above-mentioned day was the last time I managed to lie flat to take photos actually. I need to practice some more with that tilt-lens.

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      1. I’ve still been lying prone on the ground to take some flower photos, but also using the tilt-screen on my little camera a lot too. I suspect it will get a lot of use!


    1. Those red ones look very attractive indeed, John.
      I’m not game to try most the ones I see in the shops, although I do like oyster & shiitake mushrooms (apart from the white, brown & field ones in the shops).


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