From the Archives……over the last 7 years.

Just how many (mainly) green photos can you shoot when you’re Living in Nature – I seem to have hundreds.  Here’s a small selection.


9 thoughts on “SHADES OF GREEN

    1. I love the greens also, Terry.
      The blue-greens of late afternoon are my favourites.

      I suppose I could ‘fix’ some of these blue toned images in PP (or even use the correct white balance at the time of shooting), but I usually like whatever comes out of the camera. Funnily enough I forget to change most of the settings on the lightweight Sony, but do remember to change them on the simple Canon DSLR menu.

      My memory is getting worse as I age. Maybe I should just set my cameras on the Auto setting, especially the Intelligent Auto setting of the Sony ‘mirrorless’.


      1. You are not alone in forgetting to change all of the camera settings. This time of year I typically use settings specific to shooting wildflowers and then the forgetting starts when I change to scenery and back again to flowers. Today I even forgot exactly which lens/extension combination I had on the camera and was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed a photo of a small flower and found that the image was much larger than I anticipated.

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    1. Having now reduced my photo library down to some 2500+ (out of over an estimated 85,000 images shot over 7 years, many lost in computer crashes, but the last 27,000 reduced manually by me over the last 18-20mths, I might just be able to complete your suggestion RR 🙂 )


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