From the Archives……over the last 7 years.

Just how many (mainly) green photos can you shoot when you’re Living in Nature – I seem to have hundreds.  Here’s a small selection.


9 Comments on “SHADES OF GREEN

  1. Those are some beautiful photos! You know, as much as I love the bright colors of the spring and summer flowers, I think the greens are the colors I like the best in spring.

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    • I love the greens also, Terry.
      The blue-greens of late afternoon are my favourites.

      I suppose I could ‘fix’ some of these blue toned images in PP (or even use the correct white balance at the time of shooting), but I usually like whatever comes out of the camera. Funnily enough I forget to change most of the settings on the lightweight Sony, but do remember to change them on the simple Canon DSLR menu.

      My memory is getting worse as I age. Maybe I should just set my cameras on the Auto setting, especially the Intelligent Auto setting of the Sony ‘mirrorless’.


      • You are not alone in forgetting to change all of the camera settings. This time of year I typically use settings specific to shooting wildflowers and then the forgetting starts when I change to scenery and back again to flowers. Today I even forgot exactly which lens/extension combination I had on the camera and was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed a photo of a small flower and found that the image was much larger than I anticipated.

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    • Having now reduced my photo library down to some 2500+ (out of over an estimated 85,000 images shot over 7 years, many lost in computer crashes, but the last 27,000 reduced manually by me over the last 18-20mths, I might just be able to complete your suggestion RR 🙂 )


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