Last Friday, I finally got back to doing a long walk.

The forecast cloud cover faded just after I caught the bus to Footscray Park and the cool wind picked up as I walked through the formal entrance down the steep pathway towards the Maribyrnong River.   When the sun came from behind the clouds, the downhill trek became a real treat.  I love walking in Autumn and Spring with a cool wind on my face.

I made some lovely shots of the flowers in the Park and surprisingly, there were some stunning Autumn flowers out in full bloom, but getting down low to photograph the ground cover Peruvian Lilies (or Alstroemeria) was a real pain.  I bent down low and used the tilt screen of the Sony a6000 ‘mirrorless’ but the sun reflected off the LCD screen so it was really hit or miss whether I got the low-down shots in focus.

I then kept walking quite some way along the Maribyrnong River to Newell’s Paddock, entering the Wetlands from the rear riverside gate.








It was one of those days when the river held hundreds of sparkling ‘stars’ of sunlight as though there was a path of diamonds across the water surface.  Really pretty and made up for the lack of interesting landscape either side of the river in this green belt along the river.

There was a real change of colour to be seen in most of my photos of Newell’s Paddock, from various shades of green a few weeks ago, to tinges of Autumn orange and russet throughout the grasses and succulent ground cover in the conservation area of Newell’s Paddock Wetlands.  The golden rays of the sun made some of my images look like they’d been photoshopped, but no, the warm colours were definitely for real.  I’m pretty sure I had the White Balance on Auto also.

But my favourite shot of the day was looking over the fence at the most eastern pond and surrounding greenery (below).  I stood there for ages just enjoying the view of this green oasis in the middle of suburbia.  How lucky we are in Melbourne’s inner suburbs to have such wonderful parks and gardens amidst the residential housing estates.




  1. I’m glad to see that you got on on a long walk again Vicki! I hope that means you are feeling a lot better! You caught some very pretty scenes; can’t believe it’s already Autumn there.
    The flowers are beautiful. I love the Alstroemeria which we don’t have here (but wish we did), and the Chinese Lantern captivated me. What a gorgeous blossom!
    That is a wonderful place so close to the city. I admire that about Australia.

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    1. Being mostly downhill and a lovely cool breeze made all the difference, Terry. i just love Autumn and Spring weather. It’s rare that I feel the cold once I get walking. Even skiing up in the Victorian Alps 35 yrs ago, I didn’t feel the cold. But I do feel the heat as I’ve mentioned many times before.

      I’m taking strong daily analgesics and anti-inflammatories in order to do much movement with my neck at the moment. I’ve never had this kind of neck pain before. The lumbar spine pain is not much better, but at least I’m used to that – well, sort of (after 36 years).

      That Abutilon (Chinese Lantern) was the brightest red variety I’ve ever seen. I’ve photographed orange, white, yellow and a sort of mild red variety before, but never that brilliant red – it was gorgeous.

      There’s another couple of fine days forecast for next week, so hopefully I’ll be outdoors with the lightweight Sony a6000 (even if it does take lousy bird shots). Best to get out walking, as sitting or not moving is bad for back pain. I even caught a taxi to the local shopping mall last week in desperation to get out on a rainy day, but the noise, bright lights and body products around me, were overpowering in the end. Beats me how people can spend all day in shopping malls…….it’s so boring (and all the body products people wear stink) 🙂

      Victoria is known as the Garden State in Australia. (and nowadays Melbourne is known as the Festival Capital as well).


    1. If you haven’t read my posts lately, John, you will have missed that I accidentally erased all my blog following. I meant to stop their notifications in my email inbox as I was offline for a while and didn’t want the emails to pile up. Instead, I deleted all 169 blogs I follow 🙂 (many of these bloggers have stopped blogging anyway). I’m slowly finding some of them again, but in actual fact, I’m enjoying the (near) empty gmail inbox each morning. I spend way too much time on the computer and we’ve had some lovely weather for walking. My back pain is way too bad to spend so much time sitting at my desk these days. I need to lie flat on my bed or stand upright and move regularly. And I’ve got a neck/headache problem too which is disabling me to some extent. Had 2 MRI’s yesterday, so will await the verdict.

      With reference to your comment. I can wholly recommend at least one visit to the Wetlands Conservation area of Newell’s Paddock Nature Reserve (which is fenced). It has a front entrance via Newall’s Paddock Nature Reserve car park and behind the main picnic area.

      You can also enter the Wetlands via the rear entrance which is located on the riverside cycling and walking track. It’s amazing what they’ve done with this old rubbish/wasteland area. If I had a car and no heart/spine problems, I’d join their volunteer group which do the maintenance and new shrub planting. Footscray Park is not that big or interesting (in comparison to the Royal Botaniic Gardens), but maybe worth a short visit if you’re in the area. I wouldn’t make a special visit to Footscray for their park alone. But I recommend a visit for the 2 parkland areas. If you’re fit enough, do the whole river walk one day. From about Yarraville to right up past me in Frogs Hollow to Pipemakers Park and the old garden ruins with their mosaics. If you’ve got a map, bus 409 at Highpoint Shopping Centre will take you most of the way back to Yarraville (if that’s where you’ve parked your car and are too tired to walk back to it).

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      1. What a coincidence. I have just come in from the Pipemakers’ Park. I spent an hour just wandering and taking bird photos. I’m glad I’m am back in contact.

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    2. Did you see any of the mosaics? And, did some of them look a bit cleaner & swept of litter? If so, that was me (the other week) sweeping them with a little hand brush to take some clearer photos 🙂


    3. Not me John, but I know which one you mean. The one next to it was almost complete. I found some pieces of broken mosaic and put them back in place (where no one would step on them at the edges).

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