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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Saturday was a Duck Day. I’ve been mostly housebound in recent times and somehow never got over to the Royal Botanic Gardens to photograph Autumn. I caught a tram over to Queens Park for a couple of hours on Saturday, but the light was lousy, I couldn’t hold the camera still for long and the wind blew the few flowers around too much to get sharp focus.  Out of a couple of… Read More

I’ve photographed the lovely flowers of this blue Bacopa several times since I planted the seedling some time last year (?).  It has grown so well on my west-facing apartment balcony and was a delight to see every morning when I got up and sat down at my desk (which is facing the window and balcony garden).  A few weeks ago I give all my herbs and flowers a fairly aggressive haircut,… Read More


The images below were made on the 25th May, 2014, when my younger brother kindly drove me to a field up on the Dandenong Ranges (the range of hills overlooking the eastern suburbs of Melbourne), where he’d seen this field of funghi only days earlier.  

From the Archives……over the last 7 years. Just how many (mainly) green photos can you shoot when you’re Living in Nature – I seem to have hundreds.  Here’s a small selection.

Quick walk there and back late this afternoon. THERE & BACK IS…….. TO THE RIVER & BACK (about 7-8 minutes, but I always take an hour).  Had to hurry tonight as the sun was threatening to go behind the hill……and my elbow (slipped, whacked last Friday and x-rayed a few days ago) didn’t want to carry any weight.  Neither did my neck or lumbar spine.  Methinks I’ll have to find another hobby 🙂 Yesterday was the 17th… Read More

I’m forever wanting more (than I can get) in nature photography in the western suburbs of Melbourne.  I admit it’s one of the few frustrations in life these days. I currently live in one of the most absorbing and fascinating green belts along the Maribyrnong River and yet………..even with a long telephoto lens……….usually handheld –  I can never seem to get close enough to the bird life. I really enjoy the challenge of… Read More

Last Friday, I finally got back to doing a long walk. The forecast cloud cover faded just after I caught the bus to Footscray Park and the cool wind picked up as I walked through the formal entrance down the steep pathway towards the Maribyrnong River.   When the sun came from behind the clouds, the downhill trek became a real treat.  I love walking in Autumn and Spring with a cool… Read More