I knew if was cold and continuous rain yesterday around Melbourne, but 80mm rain overnight in the western suburbs gave us a good soaking.

Hopefully the dried up ponds and lake edges in the parks and nature reserves surrounding my area will have filled up for the bird, insect life and wild critters in the area.

A group of Australia Wood Ducks feed along the dried up edges of the pond at Maribyrnong Wetlands.

Wild weather, flash flooding and SNOW in alpine regions (2 months early) made me glad all I needed to do overnight was get up in the early hours and close my slightly open windows to stop the noise of the blinds flapping.  It was one of those nights when the howling wind in my apartment building made me glad l had a roof over my head.



    1. The wind howling and whistling through the apartment building was amazing, Peggy. Sounded just like an Arctic storm at one stage. The people flooded out and with fallen trees on their property probably won’t agree, but it was so good to get some decent rain.

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    1. Hopefully the ponds and lakes in my area will have filled up, Terry. Pipemakers Park (next to Frogs Hollow) was very close to being just a muddy sludge when I walked around there a couple of weeks ago.


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