ST KILDA BEACH – 23rd August, 2015

How to reduce a massive photo library?


Get Ruthless.

Be Bold.

Delete the practice shots in particular.  Why keep them?

I’ve now deleted most of the old shots which were used to illustrate the day’s nature walk on this blog.  After all, once the walk is done, its done and finished.

So, while I’d got down to 25,000+ images in my Photo Library 18 months ago, I’ve only got 2900+ left today.  By the end of the this week, the total will be 2000 – my new Target.

(note: I have shot over 80,000 images since I took up Photography as a hobby in May 2010, but lost quite a lot from a couple of computer crashes on my old Windows desktop computer – my Apple Mac Pro, purchased in October 2012, is set up with a remote auto back up and once the 2 TB back-up disc is full, it sends me a message and then, it drops off the oldest backup and makes room for the current day’s back-up).

I was aiming for 5000 images in my Archives and over the weekend, I got really, REALLY, fed up trying to find a particular image to illustrate a new post, so deleted about 3000 more.  By the time I’d finished, I felt as though an enormous weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  Now, I can find any old image I want.  Now, I no longer have 900+ folders in my archives.

Out of a few hundred photos shot on the 23rd August 2015 down at St Kilda Beach, I only kept 11 and although long-time followers have seen them before, here they are again in this post for the new followers.

I like these shots.  I like where I placed the horizon, the composition and so on.  While they were shot in winter and it was pretty cold on this day, the light was good (mostly 🙂 )

The sun had come out and the wind had dropped (mostly) – Melbourne only has a windless day about 2-3 times a year 🙂

….and by this last shot on that day, you can see that people were on the shore (or in the water) enjoying the break in the Winter weather.

It rained all day yesterday and the temperature seemed to be closer to Winter (than Autumn).

Cold and raining today too, so a good day to plan which park or nature reserve I’ll explore next.

At least I don’t have to water my balcony herb garden.


5 thoughts on “ST KILDA BEACH – 23rd August, 2015

    1. I would agree, but when your photo library gets too big and you have intermittent memory and cognitive dysfunction, there comes a time when you’ve got to be realistic and let some of your photo collection go. Especially when I updated my Apple software some time ago (I can’t remember whether it was this year or last year LOL), all my filing system went out the window.

      It was a mess.

      I think we all hate letting go of anything in life, in general. We feel such attachment to material possessions. I downsized my life when I had to take early retirement in Feb 2010 due to chronic ill health. 2 years ago, I downsized again when I had to move from an apartment I’d been living in for 15 years.


    1. You’ve probably got your images better filed than me, Peggy. Part of my problem is that I take too many photos and keep thinking “that’ll be ok when I get around to editing it”.
      I’m improving though.

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