On the way back from Footscray Park late yesterday afternoon (post to come on those images), I stopped at Maribyrnong Wetlands (Edgewater Wetlands or Burndip Park depending on which sign you’re looking at around the pond).  The sun was starting to go down towards the nearby hill and the last few shots were lit by a golden beam of light.

The ‘regulars’ were swimming lazily around pecking at the occasional pond weed, but mostly having a last stretch for the day, before settling down for the night.



10 thoughts on “BIRD LIFE ON THE POND

    1. I enjoy seeing them too, but I kinda wish there was a new bird species to photograph, instead of the same 6-7. Sill, can’t complain, there was a lovely cool breeze yesterday and it was certainly a refreshing walk.


    1. Good to hear, Peggy. I’m a great believer in restoring parts of suburbia/city back to their natural state and giving children (in particular) a sense of what the land was like before humans gate-crashed the environment 🙂

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  1. Amazing pictures and nice composition.But do not keep the subject in the centre as the centre of an image is considered to be dead.That’s the rule of third.Try keeping the subject on a side.Rest all is good! 👏


    1. Thank you for your comment 🙂

      Rules are made to be broken, in Photography, especially the Rules of Thirds, as well in all creative endeavours. While that rule, (and also the one of placing a subject along an imaginary diagonal line from corner to corner), make for pleasing images, on a nature walk outdoors, I tend to shoot whatever I see along the way, in whatever way I can in that single moment in time.

      I don’t necessarily plan or stand still ‘trying’ to capture nature in a formal portrait according to rules. So while I appreciate your kind and thoughtful comment, I rarely stick to any rules in my current photography.

      You might like to view some more measured and interesting images at
      Vicki A Alford – Photographer


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