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Monthly Archives: April 2017

I will be offline for a while (due to back/shoulder/neck pain).  

Surfing through my archives makes me think I took my best bird photos in 2013. Is it because I could get up closer to the bird life in the Royal Botanic Gardens and Melbourne Zoo? I think some of my best bird shots were of the Nankeen Night Heron. It’s still my favourite Australian bird. I remember the day in the Botanic Gardens when I first saw it and thought I’d captured… Read More

The week following the previous post’s images (from my archives) wasn’t fine at all. The 17th May 2013 down at St Kilda beach, one of Melbourne’s closest bayside beaches, was freezing cold and a very brisk wind indeed.  

Since I moved from the south-eastern side of Melbourne where I lived next to the Royal Botanic Gardens, I’ve been planning a trip back to the RBG to capture some more images of Autumn. Going through my archives this morning, I came across the photos I shot on the 6th May 2013. Seems like early to mid-May is the best week to go. Here’s a few old images to whet your appetite…. Read More

Yesterday afternoon was just as glorious as the previous day (and mentioned in the previous post) and a fine promise of the lovely Autumn weather to come (over the next few weeks). Autumn and Spring are my kind of weather with warm sunny days, cool breezes, intermittent rainy days to refresh the earth/air AND………… in my mind, excellent walking weather. (we won’t count today which is overcast, cool and intermittent spots of… Read More

Yesterday was a perfect Autumn Day on my side of the Maribyrnong River. Blue sky and sunshine all throughout the day.  The weather forecast had mentioned fog in the early morning, but of course I arise too late to catch that. Only the occasional light fluffy cloud wafted around on the cool breeze, which makes for a delightful day to spend outdoors. Mid morning, I’d been sitting at the computer reading a… Read More

I knew if was cold and continuous rain yesterday around Melbourne, but 80mm rain overnight in the western suburbs gave us a good soaking. Hopefully the dried up ponds and lake edges in the parks and nature reserves surrounding my area will have filled up for the bird, insect life and wild critters in the area. Wild weather, flash flooding and SNOW in alpine regions (2 months early) made me glad all… Read More

How to reduce a massive photo library? Easy. Get Ruthless. Be Bold. Delete the practice shots in particular.  Why keep them? I’ve now deleted most of the old shots which were used to illustrate the day’s nature walk on this blog.  After all, once the walk is done, its done and finished. So, while I’d got down to 25,000+ images in my Photo Library 18 months ago, I’ve only got 2900+ left… Read More

After 6 months of living in the western suburbs of Melbourne, I finally got around to visiting Footscray Park yesterday afternoon. I had previously dismissed this park as being of minimal interest (when passing by on the bus route).  But yesterday, there were still a few flowers in bloom at this time of Autumn.  It’s not a place I’d go to again, except maybe next Spring.  After all the years of walking… Read More