NEWELL’S PADDOCK URBAN NATURE PARK (and Conservation Wetlands) – Part 1

After a busy week with appointments, I almost felt like I never wanted to go in, (or through), the city again.  It was far more crowded than usual and I felt assaulted with the smell of cigarette smoke, bright lights and noisy smelly perfumed crowds milling around me and competing for seats on public transport.  It wasn’t until I was in the hairdressers chair early Thursday afternoon and she mentioned the Australian Grand Prix’s influx of tens of thousands of visitors, that it all made sense.

Today was the big Race Day and with a cool breeze softening the heat of the day, I decided to explore Newell’s Paddock Nature Park and Wetlands area.

Car races are not really my scene at all.

Story to follow in another post, but here’s an introduction to this green oasis – Melbourne City a mere backdrop.  After lots of Physio attention to a painful spasm in my neck last Wednesday, (which should teach me to stop resting my heavy long telephoto lens on my face staring straight up to the top of a giant Eucalyptus tree again 🙂 ), I decided to leave the heavy lens at home.

BIG mistake.  I saw lots and LOTS of birds…..and even better, a lovely rich green landscape to photograph them in.  I had no idea if there was an actual walking track in the Conservation area prior to my visit though.

I had looked at many online photos made of the area, but going from experience, the reality down on the ground can be entirely different to that conveyed on the internet.

It was a long walk from the bus stop area to the Nature Park.

The bus driver kindly dropped me off at the nearest main road intersection, not at the actual bus stop located further down the road, (and well away from my destination), but it was still much further to walk to the area than it looked on the Google map and I was really hot when I arrived.  I was wishing, not for the first time lately, that I still had a car.

Worse, later this afternoon, when the hot uphill walk to the actual bus stop drained the last dregs of water in my drink bottle,  I stopped to ask a lady standing in her garden if she could fill my drink bottle from her kitchen tap.  She looked at me like I was a slime-covered Alien from Outer space…….and declined my request.  Duh!  Next time I visit this lovely green oasis, I will take a wheeled bag, my long telephoto lens and 2 BOTTLES OF WATER 🙂

Most of the bird life was too far away for my Sony a6000 and it’s 55-210mm lens.

I had also taken my Canon DLSR and Sigma 17-50mm ‘landscape’ lens……just in case I saw some scenes to practice Landscape Photography.

If you’ve followed my Nature Blog for a while, you will know that I usually take close-ups most of the time (since my 18-200mm lenses died – for both Canon & Sony cameras).

I saw LOTS OF BIRDS today and will certainly visit the area again.

Another hot day tomorrow and while convenient to do some household chores and review this afternoon’s photography to fill in the day, looks like nice cool days and some real Autumn weather to follow.


9 thoughts on “NEWELL’S PADDOCK URBAN NATURE PARK (and Conservation Wetlands) – Part 1

  1. Goodness me, what’s become of this world where a person refuses to give someone water to drink? At least next time you’ll be well prepared for your visit. The nature park does look like an interesting place to see plenty of birdlife. It looks like a hidden gem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was more than a little taken aback when she declined to fill my water bottle for me, Sue. I mean to say I don’t exactly look like a lout or burglar or something and I was just standing on the footpath. I wasn’t asking to enter her property.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Now if that had been the country…….she probably would have invited to sit on her verandah and serve me afternoon tea 🙂

      Much of the area on the south side of the smaller lake/pond was covered in a low succulent of some kind, so easy to walk over and approach the water. No long grass to worry about snakes. Well, not the main area (which sort of looked newish).


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