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New Blog now available at this address.  Not sure if black is the ideal background, but a few more posts and blog design tweaks will give me the answer I’m sure.

This new blog is only about Sunsets, Cloud formations (and maybe the odd Sunrise) and starts at the first image in my archival folder on those subjects made with a little Canon point & shoot camera in 2010.  It will then follow on with Canon DSLR images from 2011 onwards and Sony ‘mirrorless’ images from early 2015 (eventually).

If you’ve followed my blogs, (old & new), for the last 7 years you may have seen all the images and the new blog holds little interest for you, but if you’re a relatively new follower you may not have seen any of the images at all 🙂

There are no exotic locations, spectacular country or mountain landscapes, merely Light, Colour and/or Cloud Formations.



2 Comments on “New Blog Link

  1. A great idea for a blog, Vicki 🙂 I think the black really make your skyscapes stand out, but it is down to personal preference I guess.

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    • I had my very first photo blog with a black background and after a while I found it a bit depressing, but the reality is that it really does make some images stand out. I’ll see how it goes as I upload each image.

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