I rarely plan what I’m going to do on any given day (since I was forced to give up working 7 years ago and take early retirement).

I never know how I’m going to feel tomorrow and that is the reason I live for Today.

I live my life Mindfully….appreciating each blessing as it arises.

If it’s a good day i.e. minimal pain and good walking/photography weather, I’m more likely to go outdoors.  If it’s a bad day, I do good things indoors, or potter in my balcony garden.  It’s all in the Mind you see.  I can moan and whine about being confined indoors in the hot summer (as I still occasionally do), or find joy in indoor activities.

It’s all about how you think.  It’s all about the Art of Living Well (with chronic illness and pain).  Yesterday I spent the afternoon cooking some of my favourite Indian food, sautéing and roasting each individual spice….. (and then had to clean up the mess 🙂 ).  Last night’s dinner was absolutely delicious.  It’s on the menu for tonight too.  I rarely cook these days so every time I do, I enjoy the whole process….ehrr, except the cleaning up.

Recently, for the first time (in probably the last 25-30 years), I’ve actually had to do some Research and Planning (since I moved to the western side of Melbourne).  I have absolutely no idea how to get to places via public transport, and there’s a lot of public transport in this area I might add.  There are multiple bus routes on this side of Melbourne, and in surrounding suburbs.  Some years ago, I actually got on a tram and decided to go to its last stop…wherever that might be.  It was the start of many more enjoyable journeys on that tram route.   But to catch a strange bus in this area I might end up in the middle of nowhere.   I live in a fantastic area for Nature Reserves and Parks these days, but that doesn’t mean they are accessible as the crow flies (or the bus drives) 🙂 You actually have to get on the right bus (or tram, or both) 🙂

img_9868I live next to a Nature Reserve but the undergrowth is thick and barely accessible, let alone the risk of poisonous snakes in the hot weather so I’ve put that location aside until cooler Autumn days this year.  I found another massive Nature Reserve in a more natural setting further north a few days ago on Google Maps and despite it being only a 20 minute drive via car, I calculated it would take about 1 1/2 hours to get there via public transport (partway via the route I went to Queens Park a couple of weeks ago).

Then yesterday I discovered another Wetlands and Nature Reserve about 15 minutes drive via car (which I haven’t got – car, I mean) to the south on Google Maps.  It looks (via Google Images) to be just the sort of rustic setting I would enjoy exploring, but the bus was infrequent during the week, worse on Saturday and no service on Sundays.  Next minute I’m reading about the (poisonous and rather territorial) Tiger snakes found from time to time in that Wetlands, so once again I’ll have to wait for some cooler weather and maybe, explore another transport option (aka a tram and then……on foot).  When you’ve worn out your feet from too much walking over many years and an old ankle injury, the word ‘foot’ is not necessarily the easy answer by the way.

This morning I had a highly amusing idea………I’ll get a taxi there and back! (and this is not as silly as it sounds to get to this Wetlands).

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

I’ve found there’s always a way to get somewhere – mentally, physically or spiritually.  You just have to Find the right Path (and have the courage to set off on the Journey).

One of my favourite quotes is “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”.

I try to apply it to Life these days….no matter what the Destination.  The Bird in the Bush.  The Nature Reserve next door.  Or, even the River Somewhere.

On a Clear Day I can see Forever and while I don’t have the health or finances to travel overseas like I did in my twenties, there is always Somewhere.

(just have to avoid poisonous snakes that have spread through Urban areas.  Actually, I trod on a baby Tiger snake when my family and I were hiking in The Grampians National Park some 50+ years ago and I’ve never forgotten the incident.  My Father told me to freeze and not move, and he then dispatched the tiny poisonous snake to greener pastures).


Photo made in February 2012 on the way home from a National Trust park and gardens to the south-west of Melbourne.
Photo made from my SIL’s car in February 2012 on the way home from a National Trust park and gardens to the south-west of Melbourne.

15 thoughts on “PLANNING & RESEARCH

  1. Even though it may be an adventure to use it, having so much access to public transport is a blessing for you. In the rural area where I live, there is no such thing. As the weather cools there, I hope you have some enjoyable adventures!


    1. That’s part of the reason I moved here, Terry. Location, new places to explore, access to shops/chemist/hospital (I had food poisoning and ended up in the local hospital end of January) and so on. If I had good health (and the money), I’d probably live up the country, but then if I had good health, I’d still be working full time 🙂


  2. Sounds like a good idea to take a taxi to the wetlands. Sometimes travelling by public transport takes far too long and you don’t get enough time to enjoy your destination and also worry about being back in time to catch the ride home which can spoil the outing altogether. Hope you get to visit the wetlands soon on one of your good days. 🙂


    1. I know it sounds weird (getting a taxi), but it would get me there for minimal price and very quickly. From what I can see of the map the main entrance to this particular Wetlands/Nature Reserve is just off a main urban road intersection.

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    1. Well, one has to make the best of what’s dished up to us (in life), Cindy.
      Life is not a dress rehearsal in which you get practice runs before the main event.


  3. From that last photo you clearly know how to travel in style! That first photo looks absolutely glorious. You have a very healthy attitude to life Vicki, it is a pity many people don’t appreciate their health and make the most of things.

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    1. The last photo is of a car just passing by and I thought it highly amusing.
      You never appreciate good health until you lose it, RR. Especially your feet and hands LOL I would love to still keep up the miles of walking I’ve done over the first few years of my Photography hobby. Now, the walks are getter shorter and shorter and I usually only walk (where there is a bus/tram/taxi to get home). Or, I walk in a small circular route. I go for a walk (at the moment) once every 3-4 weeks as its too hot, whereas I used to walk 3-4 times a week – rain, hail or shine. I look for flat paths, public toilets, somewhat to sit for a rest and so on. I no longer just head off in any direction.


    1. Thanks Pete.
      Life was certainly much easier in summer when I lived 2 streets away from the Botanic Gardens. So many cool old shady trees in summer and always some cool breezes if you knew the area as intimately as I did. I catch so much more public transport & taxis on this western side of the city. It does make excursions much longer.

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