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Monthly Archives: March 2017

The inner western suburb  of Footscray (next to my suburb of Maribyrnong) may not be known for wildlife but Newells Paddock Wetland Reserve provides a watery oasis for dozens of bird species, snakes and frogs. Further to my previous post uploaded last night, this post story starts with the entrance to the Nature Park and picnic area. About sixty different bird species have been sighted in the reserve, including cormorants, herons, ibis,… Read More

After a busy week with appointments, I almost felt like I never wanted to go in, (or through), the city again.  It was far more crowded than usual and I felt assaulted with the smell of cigarette smoke, bright lights and noisy smelly perfumed crowds milling around me and competing for seats on public transport.  It wasn’t until I was in the hairdressers chair early Thursday afternoon and she mentioned the Australian… Read More

Yesterday, for the first time since I moved to this western suburb of Maribyrnong 6 months ago, I FINALLY got around to walking down to the river at dusk. The light was just gorgeous. The cool breeze was just so refreshing. Really the best time of day at the moment. Of course, as I walked past the Nature Reserve fence I couldn’t help but look over to the (now) inaccessible lake.  I… Read More